Nebraska hosts another junior to watch

We have gotten used to hearing almost as much about next year's class as this one. Well, let's not stop the trend, because an impressive looking young man stopped by Memorial Stadium for an unofficial visit to see the Husker game. At his size and with his athleticism, a great finish to a junior year could make him a very hot name for the future.

Devante Bausby stands 6-2 and weighs right around 160 pounds.

Yeah, a little light.

Not to worry, as he's just midway through his junior year for his Hogan Rams, located in Kansas City, Missouri.

For his 7-1 squad, Bausby, playing both ways as a wide receiver and a corner, has already had an impressive season. "I have 27 catches for 480 yards on offense. I scored five touchdowns. And I have five interceptions on defense," he said.

At his size you figure him to be athletic, and you wouldn't be wrong as Devante says that he runs the 40 in the 4.6-range, but also has a 34-inch vertical. So, he's got the explosiveness to be sure.

It's funny, though, because he's pretty new to the recruiting process, and that's going to remain the case as he finishes his junior season. But it's been something he's looking at more and more. "In the off-season I will probably think about it more. I know I want to get bigger, stronger and faster once the season is done," he said.

Despite the fact that he's new to this process, the process still exists around him as he said that aside from the Nebraska interest, which prompted the unofficial to Nebraska, he's gotten letters from Vanderbilt, Illinois and some smaller schools from inside his home state.

All this comes despite the fact that Bausby has yet to send out his highlight films to schools, Nebraska included. But that's something he'll be doing over the next week. As for what he's looking for in a school, he said a couple of things he saw on his unofficial visit to Nebraska certainly don't hurt. "They're facilities are very good. I think everything is brand new. And they graduate 93 percent of their players. So, I liked that a lot," he said.

Bausby said he got to talk to a number of coaches, including linebacker coach Mike Ekeler, who he couldn't recall at least as far as his name, describing him as "That guy that is excited about everything."

Along with him Bausby said that he talked to wide receivers coach Ted Gilmore as well as Head Coach Bo Pelini himself, who he said "had a great sense of humor."

It was a good experience, but again, with his own junior year still a long ways from over, he's not thinking about recruiting as someone who is looking at committing anytime soon. He's not even that worried about recruiting as a whole. He said he'll play either side, isn't concerned about the weather and distance doesn't seem to be a major issue.

Right now, though, it's his team and the immediate future he cares about the most. "Yeah, it's just about doing the best we can as a team and me trying to get better on both sides of the ball," he said. "When it comes to recruiting, I guess I don't really have a criteria right now. I guess I'll just get my tape out there, see what happens and if there's interest from schools, I'll look at it a lot harder then."

Bausby reports a 2.8 GPA

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