Tuesdays with the Huskers

The Tuesday presser has come and gone. Here are the quick hits from today's press conference as the Huskers get ready to play Iowa State. Not that anyone actually talked about Iowa State. That's kind of how today was.

With a quarterback controversy brewing and injury questions surrounding the team, Coach Bo Pelini and select members of the team spoke with the media today.  I was in the hallway camped out for interviews once again.  Here is the scoop for today.  Check out all of the audio posted throughout the afternoon.

  • Bo did not name a starter, but he did say that Lee is still the number one until Green earns the job.  When asked what he is looking for in the Quarterback, Bo used unfamiliar terms like "execution" and "consistancy."  In my opinion, I think the fact that Bo stated that Lee is the number one for now, rather than saying the competition was even may indicate that he is leaning toward Zac Lee
  • Pelini once again defended Shawn Watson, saying he has all the confidence in the world in Watson.
  • Bo said that Roy Helu will be practicing today, but will be wearing the green jersey, indicating that he will not be involved in contact drills.  Helu has recently suffered from a stinger, which kept him out of practice yesterday.
  • When asked about Zac Lee's mindset after the game, Bo said that Zac "feels like the whole state of Nebraska is against him." 
  • Pelini spoke about his mentality as a coach for several minutes, a drastic change from the usual short answers that he often gives.  Bo said that he tries not to get to high after a win and too low after a loss.  Pelini also went on to say that he has been more calm than ever with the officiating, and he thinks he is doing a good job at not snapping on the refs. 
  • I didn't have a long chance to talk to Zac Lee, but I watched his demeanor throughout the morning.  Lee seemed very quiet today.  He wasn't to talkative when the microphones weren't in his face, he sat quietly alone and kept to himself.  Even when Bo was at the podium, Lee waited alone and texted on his phone.  He seemed much different than the usual Zac Lee. 
  • Cody Green spoke quite a bit today, both in the hallway and at the podium.  When asked about his knowledge of the playbook, Green said that he feels he knows just about everything.  Green said that his comments about only knowing a few plays were overblown, and he went on to say "you guys (media) had a field day with it."
  • Green said that Coach Watson told him the most popular guy on campus is the backup quarterback, because if the starter isn't playing well, everyone wants the backup. 
  • Cody also said that his time on the field was much different than that of Lee because he came in facing a deficit, which allowed him to take more risks than Lee was able to.
  • When asked about his lack of passes in the past game, Mike McNeill said it doesn't bother him.  He said yesterday that he has told the QB's that he is open, but he would rather have a win where he got zero receptions as opposed to a loss where he has a great individual effort. 
  • McNeill is also still a candidate for the "Mackey Award" for best TE in the country. 
  • Chris Brooks had some very interesting comments.  When talking about his role as a receiver, Brooks said, "If the quarterback throws the ball to the moon, I'll be on a space shuttle going to get it."
  • Brooks also admitted that the offense has been moving the ball, but he went on to say the offense has to "stop shooting ourselves in the foot in the redzone."
  • When asked about his interaction with Blaine Gabbert on the sidelines during the Mizzou game, Brooks said he felt bad about what he said.  Brooks said he sent Gabbert a facebook message apologizing.  Thank goodness for social networking!
  • When asked about the play of the D-Line on Saturday, Crick admitted that it was one of their better efforts of the season, but he is dissapointed in the losing effort.
  • As I look down on the field from the press box, I noticed that the scoreboard says, Midway through the first quarter, Iowa State: 24, Nebraska: 3.  Could this be a bad omen for Saturday?


Check out the audio posted throughout the afternoon.  Also, check out my practice report later, and stop by "The Bob" to see my basketball practice report as the mens basketball team endures their second practice of the day.


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