50-50 now?

The Nebraska official visit might have come as a surprise to some, but Andre Hal was just keeping a promise. The standout cornerback from Port Allen (La.) has been a Vanderbilt commitment since the middle of June, after a Nebraska visit it has him rethinking some things. Where does Hal stand now on his commitment and could he end up a Husker?

Andre Hal had a great time in Lincoln, rated the visit a "10", but it's always good to get back home. Hal was looking forward to getting home to talk over his decision with his family.

"It's good to be home," Hal said. "I talked to my family about Nebraska. They told me that I should do what I think I should do.

"They think that I should just follow my heart and go with the school where I think that I have the best opportunity and do the best at."

Hal says that he is still committed to Vanderbilt, right now. He has an official visit coming up after the season to Vanderbilt to check out things again to compare to Nebraska.

"I am still committed right now. I am going back up to Vanderbilt again to take a look at it in January. I want to check it out again.

"I will decide after that. Nebraska just has so much to offer. I like the tradition at Nebraska, the national championships and everything."

One thing that Hal has noticed, and thought about, is the opportunity to play at both schools. In Lincoln, he might have to wait a year, but at Vanderbilt he can go in and play immediately.

"I think that if I went down to Nebraska I would have to red shirt and then play my red shirt freshman year. I would play early that year though.

"If I went to Vanderbilt I could go there and just be the guy right away. That is important to me. I want to play early. I don't want to red shirt or sit on the bench."

While in Lincoln Hal had a chance to talk to a cornerback that is currently red-shirting. If there is one thing that Hal took away from that it's that the position coach for the defensive backs doesn't play favorites.

"I spoke to Andrew Green and he told me that the DB coach at Nebraska doesn't have favoritism. He said that if you are the best player, he will play you.

"He said that it has nothing to do with age or grade. If I was to come in and I was the best then I would play. That makes up for not being the guy coming in.

"I think that I am a good cornerback and I think that I can come in and play right now. I will do what I have to do to get on the field and play right now."

Hal has also thought about the different conferences that the two schools are in that he is considering as well as the success each team has enjoyed in their respective conferences.

"The SEC and the Big 12 are two of the best conferences so that really doesn't matter. Vanderbilt has been losing a lot and I have been noticing that.

"I have been thinking about going to a winning program, getting a chance to go and play for championships instead of going to a team that is so-so."

If there is one thing about Hal and if he will commit to Nebraska stay committed Vanderbilt or wait until after the official visit to Vanderbilt and then sort things out, it's that things are completely up in the air.

"It might hang out there until January; until I make that visit to Vanderbilt. Maybe. Probably. I would say that both schools in my mind are 50/50."

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