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Gio Bernard wasn't supposed to have a senior year like this. Since a couple of leg injuries early in the season Bernard has barely been back on the field. That doesn't mean that recruiting calls have stopped and it's actually given Bernard a bit of a chance to do some recruiting trips. With three trips under his belt can Nebraska get one of the last two trips?

There are some nights when Gio Bernard doesn't hear the phone not ringing unless he is on it. It's the nature of the beast when it comes to recruiting, but every now and then he gets a personal call in there.

"I was talking to my uncle," Bernard said. "Some nights it gets crazy and it's like that when I keep getting call after call, but I try and limit it the best that I can."

Bernard suffered an injury in the Herbstreit Classic to kick off the year and he is still healing from it. He has had a couple of medical procedures to try and aid in healing those two muscles.

"It's getting better. I am just going to rest it until playoff time and really just let it heal. We are in pretty good shape to make it to the playoffs and everything.

"Basically I just have two torn hamstrings. I have had a couple of procedures done on both of them, had fluid drained out of them, and it's just still healing."

The time on the field that Bernard has seen has been far and few between and most of his time has been spent watching his team from the sideline. They just keep on winning though.

"I haven't played a lot, not really at all, just a couple of games. I cheer from the sidelines and just hope for the best; hope that they keep on winning. We are still undefeated."

Bernard just returned from a visit to Notre Dame and doesn't have any other trips set up as of right now. He has a few other schools that he is considering for his last two trips.

"I don't have anything else set up. It could come out of anywhere though if I do pick up a late offer or something. I am really saving these last two for important schools.

"I have taken visits to Oregon State and Tennessee before Notre Dame. Those are the three. I am considering Nebraska, Alabama and Florida State for those final two spots right now."

There is really just a hope that on these official visits that Bernard will have a good experience in every area. More than that, he's hoping for that gut feel to help make his decision.

"I am just looking for a good experience on the trip, the entire thing. I am also looking for that gut feeling when I am there or when I get back and take it from there."

The Nebraska staff has stayed in touch with Bernard through the process. Bernard has been hearing about the situation at running back for Nebraska this year and going forward from the Nebraska coaches.

"I talk to Coach Tim Beck. He has told me about their situation at running back and it's in the back of my head. You are going to have to compete where you go anyway."

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