Huskers get number 10

After taking an official last weekend to see the Big Red up-close , then having a few days to think about he trip, Curtis Carter from Stonewall (LA) has decided to end his recruitment. He gave Big Red Report the news just moments ago.

Carter, who called his recruiting coach from Nebraska to deliver the news, says coach John Paphucis couldn't have been happier to get the news.

"I just committed to coach J.P., he was shocked. I don't think he (Coach J.P.) knew I was calling to commit. We were just talking like normal, then towards the end of the conversation, I said coach 'I'm ready to be part of the Husker family'. He was like are you serious? I could tell he was real excited that I went ahead and committed."

Why Nebraska, why tonight?

"I have been thinking about it for awhile, I told you how much I like it up there on my visit. Then when I got home I couldn't get Nebraska out of my mind. Then I started thinking, if I know I want to go there, I should go ahead and commit, so I did.

"Nebraska has everything I'm looking for, and the way the coaches treated me when I got there on my visit. That was a really big deal to me. That Tunnel Walk, I couldn't get that out of my mind, all those fans hollering your name, that's just crazy. I want to be apart of that. I thought to myself, wow I can really play at this place.

"They way coach Gilmore broke down film and talked about how he would use me, that showed me they put a lot of thought into me as a recruit. They can already see me in their offense."

The main reason for the commitment? That's easy for Curtis to answer.

"Coach J.P., he has been on me from day one. Since the day I got the offer until today, he just kept recruiting me. People don't realize how important that relationship is. He built up that trust with me, it was a big deal."

What about other visits, are you shutting things down?

"Yeah, I'm solid on my decision. I thought long and hard about it and talked about it with my parents. I'm happy with my decision."

Any message for Husker Nation?

"Tell them to be ready, I plan to have a big impact on Nebraska football" Carter said with conviction

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