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When a team brings in official visitors there are some things out of anyone's control. One is weather and the other is a win. When Quincy Enunwa was in Lincoln for the Texas Tech game at Nebraska he had good weather and saw Nebraska handle a tough loss. The loss gave Enunwa some unique perspective on the team, the culture and the fans at Nebraska. It was enough for him to want to be a Husker.

Quincy Enunwa has the size that teams look for in a wideout. The 6-foot-2 and 200-pound Enunwa took back to back official visits to Washington State and then to Nebraska. Today he decided that he wanted to be a Husker.

"I really liked the whole feel of the team," Enunwa said. "I was there for the Texas Tech game that they lost and they were really together as a team on that one. I also really like their fans and their fan support too."

Enunwa is someone that could play a variety of positions on either side of the ball. However, the Huskers are looking at Enunwa to come in and add a physical dimension to their wide receivers.

"Nebraska likes me as a wide receiver. They want me because I am a physical receiver and they want to do some physical things with me. The receivers at Nebraska all have to know how to block as well as make plays after the catch."

Rancho Verde isn't an easy place to put up big, receiving numbers because of their run-centric offense. However, Enunwa is a weapon for them because he can do things that not a lot of other receivers like to do.

"At Rancho Verde we do run the ball a lot, but we throw it too, it's balanced. I am asked to do a lot of my routes over the middle because I am not scared. I also do a lot of outs and make plays after the catch."

Enunwa is the second player in as many years from Rancho Verde. Last year the Huskers landed linebacker, Eric Martin. "We weren't too close in high school, but we know one another. It will be good to know someone like Eric when I get up to Lincoln."

Enunwa is someone that is really emerging and will be a person that will take a look at and re-evaluate. Brandon Huffman, regional manager for football in the west, says that Enunwa really translates for to an athlete, but is a big recruit that can run.

"He's really more of an athlete,"'s Brandon Huffman said. "He's a big kid that ran well at our Los Angeles camp. I think that he was 6-foot-2 or so and 200-pounds. He ran a 4.6.

"That is a really good time for a big guy. More than that, there weren't a lot of great times out there. It was wet and windy. It just wasn't ideal for people to feature their speed at that combine."

If there is something else that Huffman said about Enunwa that stands out then it's his potential. As stated before, Rancho Verde isn't a spread team. They like to ground and pound, but through seven games Enunwa's stats are pretty solid.

"He's a huge upside guy. He really hasn't had a lot of opportunities to show what he can do. Rancho Verde really relies heavily on running the football. I can tell you through seven games that he has 31 catches for 484 yards and eight touchdowns. Those are pretty nice numbers for that offense."

Brandon was also able to find some notes from Rancho Verde coach, Pete Duffy that really backs up what Huffman has been saying. The Rancho Verde coach hits on Enunwa's athleticism and potential.

"I have some other information on Enunwa from their head coach, Pete Duffy, who said that Enunwa was a big track guy – 11.2/100m and had a 6-foot-8 on the high jump – his note to me says ‘athletic, freakish potential'.

"Rancho Verde is also a school that Nebraska has dipped into before with Eric Martin and it's a great school for Nebraska to try and build a pipeline into. They will have two, top 25 players in California next year."

Here is the video interview done by Scott Schrader, who works on the USC site, on Friday after Enunwa's team came out with a 77-0 victory. This is where he said he would be committing to Nebraska the following day.

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