Tuesdays with the Huskers

After the shocking loss on Saturday, Bo Pelini and numerous Husker players recapped the loss and looked ahead to Halloween in Waco. Here is some of the news from another Tuesday with the Huskers:

  • Bo has seemed much different the past few weeks when speaking to the media.  Pelini has been very loose and seems to have a completely different approach when speaking at the podium.  He has even cracked a few jokes. 
  • When asked if Bo wanted to elaborate on new personnel for this week, he simply said "nope." 
  • Bo also said he thought Dontrayevous played like "a young running back."  Everybody who spoke about Tray had good things to say about him. When Cody Green was asked if he was impressed with his fellow freshman, he said, "heck yes!"
  • Cody Green spoke for an extended period of time.  Green sounds eager for the chance to play.  He said the reps have been split evenly so far in practice.
  • Green also said that he was told by the coaches that there was "a really good chance that he would get playing time last Saturday against Iowa State."
  • When asked if it's an open competition this week, Cody said, "They're giving the indication that every spot is really open."
  • The Texas native, Green said that Saturday will be a big day for him when he plays in his home state for the first time.  He said he is friends with many players on the Baylor team, and he knows Coach Art Briles pretty well.  Cody said he has 15 ticket requests so far, but he expects to get quite a few more phone calls later this week.
  • When asked about the open competition, wide receiver Brandon Kinnie said that he likes how the receivers are friendly, but "here is only one ball" being thrown at a time.
  • Kinnie also said that he believes there are quite a few playmakers in the receiving corps.  He seems very confident in himself and his fellow receivers. 
  • Redshirt freshma linebacker Sean Fisher says the biggest thing for the defense is to prevent any big plays or busts in coverage.
  • Sophomore defenisve tackle Jared Crick had some very interesting comments today.  When he was asked about the difference between this year and 2007, he said the biggest factors are that the players trust the schemes this season, and they didn't trust them back in 2007.  When asked if he feels confident that this year will not be a repeat of 2007, Crick said, "I'm positive,we'll never have a year like that again."
  • Crick said later that going on the road will be great for the team.  He said that he loves going on road trips, and he loves the us against the world mentality.
  • When I asked junior tight end Mike McNeill about the offense's sputters, he said, "when you turn the ball over eight times you're not gonna beat a whole lot of teams."
  • He also said later, "We're not worried, we're not gonna back down, and we'll be alright."

Check out the video and audio from both the podium and the hallway a little bit later in the afternoon.  Also, check out the practice reports as well.

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