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Nebraska had Damon Williams set to take an official visit, but things get tight when you have to travel into Lincoln for an early kickoff. Instead, the Nebraska staff and Williams pushed back the official visit date until November. The Huskers are in-line to get an official, but are facing some increasing competition to pull Williams out of Texas and into Nebraska.

Irving (Texas) Nimitz is having a good season. One of the big reasons why is Damon Williams. Williams, a 6-foot-3 and 287-pound defensive tackle, says things are on pace for a playoff birth.

"Things are pretty good right now," Williams said. "We are 5-2 or 6-2. We are 3-1 in district. We should make the playoffs."

Williams is an active interior, defensive lineman for Nimitz. He plays in an attacking style of defense and would also like to play that style of defense in college.

"I had 15 tackles the last game. I am getting a lot of pressure and playing behind the line of scrimmage. I would like to play that style in college."

The Huskers were set to host Williams in September, but an early start time and a game the night before pushed the visit out until Nimitz season is over with more than likely.

"My official visit to Nebraska got pushed back because when I talked to Coach Tim Beck we just knew that everything was going to be rushed.

"I had a game the night before and there just wasn't going to be enough time for me down there on my visit. He wants me to have fun and not rushed."

The weekend that it's looking like for Nebraska is probably the Kansas State weekend. Williams didn't know for sure, but it would be the equivalent to the second round of the playoffs for him if they don't win.

"If we don't make it to the second round of our playoffs, then I will head out there. I don't know what weekend that is for sure. It will be in November. It's at the end of the month."

Williams is still very much excited about getting up to Nebraska and seeing everything. It will be important for him to witness a game in Lincoln as so much about why he wants to visit deals with the game day environment.

"I want to see everything there at Nebraska. I want to experience the atmosphere, see the fans and really get to know more about Nebraska. I want to see what they have to offer."

"I talk to Coach Tim Beck every week. I think that there is a lot going on with the team right now and they are concentrating on the team. You win some and you lose some."

Before Nebraska gets a visit Williams will more than likely take at least one visit to an SEC school and possibly another. Williams will visit another Big 12 North team in December.

"I am probably going to be going to Arkansas when they play South Carolina. I am trying to squeeze in one more between then. I am going to Kansas in December."

There are at least three teams that Williams is kicking around for his last visit. "On that last spot, I am considering Kansas State, probably Baylor and maybe Houston. Those are probably the three that I will decide between (for the last official)."

When Williams makes his decision, much of it will hinge on three very important things for him. The family environment of players that lead their lives similarly to how Williams leads his will be big in his decision.

"It's education, religion and if the team is family oriented or not. I am looking for a team that is into going to church on Sundays, worship together and hang out together."

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