Back to work for OU

As the Huskers prepare for the Sooners, there are a lot of questions which will have to be answered over the course of this week. And believe it or not, there's still the question of QB. According to the Head Coach today, typical to what he says they have done all year, the QB that plays is the one who will earn it in practice this week.

Practice Notes:

After the win on Saturday, the Big Red returned to the practice fields to begin prepartions for Oklahoma.  The team practiced for one and a half hours as their usual Monday routine goes.  Here is the news from practice:

  • Roy Helu, Chris Brooks, and Dejon Gomes practiced in pads today. 
  • Alfonzo Dennard wore the green jersey as he has for the past few weeks. 
  • Freshman RB Dontrayevous Robinson went with just the upper pads today.
  • Sidelined for the day was Kyler Reed, who had a heavily wrapped knee.
  • Ndamukong Suh did not speak today.  He did practice today, and he is expected to speak at the press conference tomorrow.
  • Bo had a case of the Mondays today.  Pelini only spoke for a few minutes, and wasn't full of his usual cheer.  Pelini declined to name a starting QB for Saturday, and said that he will name the starter like he has the past two weeks, meaning that it will be a total surprise. 
  • When I asked running backs coach Tim Beck if he would say Roy Helu is 100%, he said that he wouldn't put a percentage to his health. 
  • Beck also said that Dontrayevous Robinson has been the most consistant of the backs during the past few weeks, which is why he has taken the majority of the carries.
  • Dreu Young said that he felt the QB transition went flawlessly.  He said that playcalling on Saturday was fairly similar to when Lee plays, but the biggest difference was that the team executed better around Green.  He also said the biggest difference is that Green is better at scrambling out of the pocket, where Lee was more prone to get sacked.

One other off topic note, the game at Kansas has been announced as a 2:30 central game on ABC regional coverage.  Tomorrow, check out my Tuesday with the Huskers story tomorrow and be with us during the whole press conference.

Post Practice Audio with Bo Pelini

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