Tuesdays with the Huskers

It's only Oklahoma week. Yeah, not a big deal, eh? Well, it starts with the weekly press conference as the team gets ready to host the Sooners. But Nebraska players and coaches know that Oklahoma is an opponent,but perhaps not the opponent they need to worry about. It starts with themselves. Check out our notes from today's press conference with the Huskers.

Coach Pelini and multiple players addressed the media today as they look ahead to the matchup with Oklahoma. Here is some of the news from another Tuesday with the Huskers.

  • Coach Pelini addressed the Ndamukong Suh situation right away when he got to the podium. Pelini said he was proud of the way that Suh handled the situation. Suh apparently called Pelini right when it happened. According to Pelini, Suh was at dinner at someone's house and ended up falling asleep, which is why he was out so late. When asked about the fact that Suh had alcohol in his system, Pelini said that it is ok because he is of age and wasn't near being drunk.
  • When Bo was asked what the difference is between himself and Bob Stoops, Pelini simply said Stoops has won national titles and Bo has not (as a head coach).
  • I asked Brandon Kinnie about the competition at receivers. He said that everybody has been supportive of eachother. Some of the new targets have been supportive of demoted receivers like Menelik Holt, and the new scout team members have been supportive of the guys who have taken their roles.
  • When I asked Kinnie if he and his fellow receivers are concerned about job security. Kinnie said, "not as much. If I play with a motor and block like I'm supposed to, I'll be alright."
  • Once Cody Green took off the red Nebraska polo that everybody has to wear at the podium, he had a Superman shirt on underneath. I thought this was very fitting of the role he has been put into.
  • I asked Cody about if he thinks the offense can break out. He said, "It's right on the verge of just absolutley exploding into probably like a a 500 yard game. Everybody's ready for it and it's just about that time."
  • I asked Green if he wants to carry the offense on his back. He said, "I want to have that mentallity of if there's a play to be made, to just go out there and say, just give me the rock and let me make this play, because that's the mentality I had in high school. I have to try to calm down. We know that we have playmakers all around here."
  • Personally, I think Green (assuming he is the starter, which it would be shocking if he wasn't) is ready for something huge on Saturday. Green has an unbelievable amount of confidence for someone who has been put into a tough situation. I think this will be a breakout performance that will put Cody Green on the college football map for years to come.
  • TE Mike McNeill talked about his diminished role on offense. He said he expects the tight ends to be incorporated in the offense more this week.
  • Fan favorite (and HuskerMo favorite) Eric Martin had a great story about his aggressiveness in practice. "I was on punt block and it was the starting punt. I was supposed to rush the long snapper and then let him free and go block him down field. Well I didn't, I kind of peeled off and kind of waited til he came around and I kind of blindsided him. He was the starting long snapper. He was kind of hurt a little bit and dizzied. Coach J.P. yelled language that shouldn't be said.....He just said he doesn't want me taking out the starters."

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