Rome will be in Lincoln

There will be a big visitor for Nebraska that won't show up on any official visitor list for Nebraska this weekend. Chase Rome, arguably, will be the "gem of the class" when all of the recruiting rankings come out. More than that, Rome is going to get one more look at Lincoln before he gets ready to move there in about two months.

One of the more highly regarded recruits that will be in attendance this weekend for the Nebraska/Oklahoma game is Chase Rome. Rome, a Nebraska commitment, is just 10 months away from being on that field and playing in games like this.

"I will be up there for the Oklahoma game," Rome said. "It's going to be exciting for me to be down there, but at the same time I need to realize that things are going to change.

"It's going to change because you go from being the one getting all of the recognition to that not mattering. Everyone there was an excellent high school player.

"I am just looking forward to getting there, working my butt off and just trying to outwork everybody. That's how it's been since I was a freshman. I have a mean streak a mile wide and that should help."

The Columbia (Mo.) Rock Bridge season has come to an end. While it falls short of the ultimate goal of a championship it was an improvement from last season that Rome is happy with.

"We're done. We went 5-5. We were in it with Blue Springs, the number one team in the state, until about the third quarter and it all went downhill.

"So, we needed Liberty to lose and they didn't. We showed improvement from last season to this season so overall I am happy about how things went."

Rome doesn't do any other competitive sports for Rock Bridge and is about two months away from enrolling at Nebraska. The staff has asked him to take a month off and then get started again around Thanksgiving.

"I don't do any other sports. I some times practice with the wrestling team, because you know my dad does that, and I work with them on conditioning and on my hips.

"I just do all of that stuff to stay in shape, but I don't compete. Since I am graduating early, I will be up in Nebraska when they are working out with their winter conditioning.

"We are football year round here too and they really want me to take this month off. I will probably start lifting around November 25th and then move there January 8th."

Rome will be joining a unit in the spring that has had a lot of success this season. There have been two players along the defensive line that between them have been the national defensive players of the week three times.

"It's really cool. I can't name another program in the nation that features the defensive tackle like Nebraska does except for maybe LSU and Bo Pelini was there too.

"It's just how they run their system and how they feature that position. It's great to hear about those guys in the trenches getting that type of recognition."

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