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This last Saturday was a busy one for Class of 2011 recruit, Aaron Green. It was a quick trip down to Waco, Texas to see his brother's team (Nebraska) play the Baylor Bears. Than it was a quick trip north to see Notre Dame. Green talked about that day, specifically what he saw from Nebraska and how it was to catch up with his brother, who he doesn't often see in person since he he went to Nebraska

After Nebraska's 20-10 win on Saturday, it left a lot of people wondering why Nebraska's offense struggled so much in the second half of their road-game against the Baylor Bears. One person wasn't too concerned about it, because he was at the Notre Dame-Washington State game, while Nebraska was playing the Bears.

"Yeah, I caught the first half," Said junior running back Aaron Green."The trip was good. It was real fun. It brought back memories for my dad, because he played there. My dad going there is kind of a big deal. I wouldn't rule Baylor out of my list."

Green is the younger brother of Nebraska's freshman cornerback, Andrew Green. Aaron and 19 of his family members made the trip to Waco to watch the Huskers take on the Bears, before he tripped up to San Antonio for the part of the night-game, featuring the Irish and the Cougars.

"Yeah, it was nice to get up there and get to see Drew again," Green said. "We left the Notre Dame game early so we could get back and talk to him. I would say we got to talk to him for about 20 minutes before he got on the bus and left."

Aaron said he talks to his older brother on a daily basis over the phone, but added that it was nice to finally talk to him face to face.

"I mean, it's not to much difference than over the phone. He is still the same old Andrew. It's good to see college hasn't changed him," he said.

Aaron was supposed to make a trip up to Lincoln to watch the Huskers take on Oklahoma, but due to having a game this week, he won't be making the trip.

"Yeah, I got a game this week," Green said. "We play San Antonio (Regan). I don't know if we are going to reschedule the official visit there this year, but I am sure I will make it back up to Lincoln some time to see my brother. But making it to a game is something I have to talk to my dad about."

Aaron said that this week's game is somewhat of a redemption game.

"We lost to them last year," Green said. "They scored with like, six seconds left in the game last year to win. I am looking at it like a payback game, personally. So I am going to try my hardest to pull out a win."

After losing last week to Roosevelt (San Antonio), Aaron and the Mavericks are 7-2 this season.

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