Nebraska a player now for touted recruit

It's hard to say what Corey Cooper's interest in Nebraska was coming into his visit to Lincoln, but he said that the trip was a real eye opener. Like many preps who visit Lincoln for the first time, Cooper came out a bit surprised.

When you look at the game that was Oklahoma vs Nebraska, you'd have to think a defensive player would absolutely love the way the game went.

Corey Cooper would agree.

"Yeah, it was all defense. To hold Oklahoma to three points, that was something else," said the 6-1, 195 lbs. safety.

When Cooper opened up his recruitment, Nebraska, along with some other schools like Tennessee and Arizona, became the programs he was looking at as far as places he thought might compete with Illinois, the school he's currently committed to.

Cooper still has to visit Tennessee and Arizona, but of the Nebraska trip he was not only surprised by the outcome, but just how much he would got out of the trip. "I was kind of interested in Nebraska coming in. I know it's a good program, but I didn't know a lot about them, and I guess I wasn't expecting much," he said.

"But coming out of it, Nebraska is definitely a player now. I wasn't expecting to experience what I did."

One of the experiences was just the defense itself, and watching amongst others, safety Matt O'Hanlon as he grabbed a single-game school record three interceptions against the Sooners. From that to the defensive line, Cooper said that he was into the game almost from the beginning to the end. "The way they play defense there, they are aggressive, but they also play smart. People make plays, but keep to their responsibilities," he said.

"You just see guys flying around hitting people, making plays, getting interceptions.

"It's the best defense I have seen."

Of the coaches, Cooper said he talked to all of them. Of the players who were also visiting this weekend, Corey said that he hung out with most of them, especially the quartet from Eleanor Roosevelt High School.

Again, he said that the trip couldn't have been any better, especially since Nebraska did something he honestly thought they weren't going to do. "Yeah, I thought they would lose. I knew they had a good defense, but Oklahoma has a pretty good one, too," he said.

"But the atmosphere, the fans, the game itself – it was crazy. I'm still kind of surprised."

Cooper will visit Tennessee and Arizona during this next month, and after that he hopes to have it figured out as to just where he wants to be. Cooper said that he's definitely opened up his recruiting, and is taking each team seriously as a candidate and not just another place to check out.

But Nebraska was perhaps in that latter category before he came into Lincoln.

They aren't anymore.

"Coming in, I'd say my interest was about a two.  I wasn't expecting much when I got here. But that's definitely changed. My interest right now would be about a nine. The whole experience opened my eyes.

"Now, Nebraska's definitely a player to me."

Cooper will also visit again Illinois, the school he's committed too. After his last visit Cooper expects to make a decision. "Yeah, once my last visit is done, I'll know for sure. Then I'll make my decision," he said.

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