Eleanor Roosevelt recruits weigh in on NU

What a weekend for Nebraska. The win last night over Oklahoma wasn't an offensive display, but if it did display anything for Nebraska it was that their defense is for real and that there is a need on offense. From Corona (Calif.) Eleanor Roosevelt there was one defensive back, two receivers and a player that Nebraska is saying can play offense or defense. How did they like their trip?

It's clear that the visit went well for at least one of the four from Corona (Calif.) Eleanor Roosevelt. When Big Red Report caught up with Mario Mitchell, the father of Joshua Mitchell, he said that they were still on the visit, but that his son had committed. Here are all four of their reports:

Joshua Mitchell:

On his decision to become a Cornhusker: "The facilities were just amazing. Everyone here with the team was just so cool to work with. I really thought that the game was great too."

On the atmosphere of the game and seeing himself on the field: "I was excited at that game. I had never seen anything like that before. I could see myself on the field because I really like playing in pressure situations."

On his father being recruited by Tom Osborne and talking to Tom Osborne: "We didn't really talk about that when we were all together. I did talk to Tom Osborne though. He was telling all of us about the program, the team and the education at Nebraska."

Austin Hill

On the visit: "It was pretty fun. I had a great time. I would say that the visit was a "9" out of a "10". I really liked their crazy fans and the tradition. It was just a great visit."

On not making it a perfect score and if anything could have been better: "I am not making it out to say that anything could have been better. I loved the visit."

On the need for offensive firepower: "I could tell that they did need some offensive help. That really excites me about the opportunity that is there at Nebraska."

On cousin Andrew Green who is a cornerback at Nebraska: "He just wanted to tell all of us how real it is and how it is here at Nebraska. It's not easy to play where, but if you work hard, you will play."

Tyler Slavin

On the visit: "It's great! I like the history here and the coaches. The fans here are just crazy. As we were talking around some of the fans knew all of our names and who we were."

On the need for offensive firepower: "They aren't guaranteeing anyone anything, but they did say that I could come in and start to compete right away. It's open. Coach Ted Gilmore said that I could earn playing time. He said that I have great range and body to play wide receiver at Nebraska."

On his current list of favorites: "I would have to say that it's Colorado and Nebraska that are tied at the top and then Arizona. The visit here was an "8". There wasn't anything that could have been any better."

Harold Mobley

On the visit: "It was amazing! Everything was just so great here at Nebraska. I really didn't know what to expect coming out here. You get that way about all of your visits, but I really didn't about this visit."

On what he liked the most: "The people and the facilities. The defense is really on point and the offense is coming around for Nebraska. They are going to be great."

On how Nebraska sees him on field: "Nebraska is actually recruiting me as an athlete. They said that they like me either as a tight end or as a defensive end. I would prefer to play tight end in college though."

On his current list of favorites: "I visited Colorado last weekend as well and I would have to say that Nebraska and Colorado are really tied as my leaders."

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