Huskers look good to Turner

It's never too early to begin looking at next year's crop. The Huskers made quite a few official written offers to players on September 1 and Jamal Turner was one of those players. This past weekend, Turner got a chance to follow up on that offer and head up to Lincoln to see Nebraska. What were his thoughts about the visit and is Nebraska his leader?

Jamal Turner was a name that Big Red Report found out about on Friday afternoon was visiting Nebraska and already on Sunday afternoon he is back home in Texas. Turner really enjoyed his visit.

"I am back in Arlington now," Turner said. "It was really fun. I really enjoyed it. The fans were crazy. They are crazy up there. I really enjoyed myself."

Turner, a 2011 recruit from Arlington (Texas) Sam Houston saw the need at quarterback for Nebraska and could see himself playing there. "Yes they really do and I can really see myself going there, playing and being your quarterback."

The Nebraska offer was the first one that he received and to this point it's the only one that he has received. Turner looks at that situation knowing that Nebraska really wants him to be their quarterback.

"Nebraska offered me on September 1. They were my first offer and my only offer so far. It tells me that they really want me. If I get more offers, Nebraska will be the school I come back to.

"It will always be that offer I come back to because it was first. When other schools weren't sure if they wanted me, or taking a chance on me or evaluating another quarterback, it's an honor to get that offer from Nebraska."

The season for Sam Houston is over and Turner is starting basketball. However, he does have some weekends coming up where he will be making some visits.

"I do play basketball because it helps me stay in shape, but I will be taking some more visits in the coming weeks. I am going to go to Vanderbilt, Alabama and Texas A&M."

There isn't a timeline for Turner to make a decision, but the other trips that Turner does have set up will compare the other schools to Nebraska where he really feels like he fits in.

"I am just waiting to see who else offers. I am really feeling good about Nebraska, but I would really like to make sure that is the right place for me. I will make a few more visits to make sure Nebraska is it."

Turner said that he really felt like a VIP on the trip up to Nebraska as well as at the game. He said that everywhere he was that people recognized him.

"It was crazy. There were fans all over on the plane. They were all talking to me about the game, my season and I really felt important, I really did.

"People recognized me at the game too. People would come up to me and say ‘you're Jamal Turner' and this and that. It was really crazy how many people knew me."

The Nebraska staff didn't sit down with Turner to talk about recruiting and how he fits in. If the timing of the offer to Turner and the lack of offers out to quarterbacks for 2011 are any indication, then Turner knows how bad Nebraska wants him.

"We really didn't talk about the plan next year when it comes to how many they are going to take or offered. I think that they really just take one and haven't offered a lot of them. It's good to feel that I am at the top of their list."

The Sam Houston head coach, Dan Edelman, has had Turner as his starter since his sophomore year. Turner was a quick learner, but has really come into his own as he has matured in the offense.

"This is his second year as our starting quarterback," Coach Dan Edelman said. "He came in as a sophomore and picked up all of his passing skills and our passing offense.

"We knew eventually that he would have to develop the run side of the game, but we really wanted to get him settled in on the passing side first. We wanted him to throw and mature.

"This year he has really taken control and matured. He has really developed into that player that can control the offense. He can thrown and run the ball equally well."

Last season, Turner was 165-243 for a 67.9 completion percentage throwing for 2,063 yards, 14 touchdowns and nine interceptions. Turner added 215 rushes for 2,032 yards, averaging 9.5 yards per carry and scored 18 touchdowns.

"We are a spread offense, a no huddle team and we use the pace of the game against our opponents. With his knowledge of our passing game and knowing the things he needs to know, he's just a great decision maker.

"He's a double threat. Actually, he's a triple threat. He has that ability to throw the football, handoff the football as well as be able to tuck it and run it as he needs to. He creates a lot of problems from a lot of people."

The offer from Nebraska is the first offer that Turner has picked up so far. However, the foundation was laid last summer to really get his name out there in the recruiting world.

"Nebraska is the only offer he's picked up so far. He's made some serious contacts this summer. He went to Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Middle Tennessee State.

"He was also in an elite group online and went through that process. He did the entire combine process and always tested out in the top percent."

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