Big 12 Teleconference Notes

Check out notes from today's Big 12 teleconference. A lot of stuff on Nebraska from a variety of angles as many questions were thrown out there in regard to the Husker defense and, of course, questions to Bill Snyder about the up-coming Husker game and even the Husker game six years ago.

  • Kansas coach Mark Mangino was asked to compare the Nebraska defense and the defense of the Texas Longhorns. The Longhorns currently lead the conference in total defense, giving up 232.3 yards per game versus Nebraska which ranks third, giving up just over 280 yards per game. Nebraska still leads the conference in scoring defense, allowing 11 points per game. Texas gives up 12.6 points per game.
  • Mangino said that one of the biggest differences between the two is that Nebraska sticks to their philosophy of fundamental football, and while they switch things up a bit, it's not much. Conversely, he said Texas specializes on giving you different looks every snap, from odd fronts, to even fronts, etc.
  • Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops was also asked about Nebraska's defensive line, specifically Ndamukong Suh. Stoops said Suh was good, but pointed out Jared Crick as being a key factor as well, along with the rest of the defensive line. He was also asked about the secondary, and said that they are very aggressive, physical and like to attack the ball.
  • Stoops was then asked about his time at Kansas State as a Defensive Coordinator when they faced Nebraska during the Osborne years. Stoops credited Osborne for helping him develop as a D.C. and he said much of the kind of discipline and techniques they used in trying to stop the option, they still use today.
  • Oklahoma State Head Coach Mike Gundy was asked about the hit his quarterback, Zac Robinson took against Texas Tech, and if it reminded him of any hit he took while he was a QB at Oklahoma State. He said that it did, hearkening back to a hit from a corner blitz he took from Nebraska around 1989.
  • Of course, it had to come up, but Bill Snyder was asked about the incident after the 2003 game, where Bo Pelini, then the Husker Defensive Coordeinator, gave the Kansas State Head Coach a verbal lashing for keeping his starters in for the entire game, when the game was clearly over. Bill said that it was a heat-of-the-moment thing that he didn't even think about at this point. But he also said that he has never talked to Bo about that.
  • He was asked about the Husker defense. He said they were a very complete unit in a lot of ways. He said that they are every bit of what people say about them and even a little more. He said they were fundamentally very sound, with speed and quickness to compliment the effort. He went onto say that they are well ahead in regard to so many developmental areas in such a short time, because of the continuity they have from having coaches like Pelini, his brother, Carl Pelini and Mike Ekeler so familiar with each other.

Bo Pelini

  • About the match up with Kansas State, Bo said that it obviously means a lot in respect to the Division title.
  • On junior tight end Michael McNeill, Bo said that he's feeling a lot better today. They expect him to be ready to play, but he may not practice today.
  • On Rex Burkhead, Bo said that they could have him back in a couple of weeks, and said that Rex was running already.
  • Bo said that on defense versus Kansas, he said it wasn't their best effort, wasn't great in terms of technique and he said the tacklinng was "shoddy."
  • On just the overall progress of the team, he said that they have stuck with the process, made progress and said that they will have to play better than that to win this weekend.
  • Bo talked about his brother, Carl's time at Kansas State, along with Bo Stoops, Vennables, etc. He said that Bill Snyder gets his teams to play for him, stay committed, etc.
  • A little comment on Daniel Thomas, the starting running back for KSU, Bo said that he was a big-physical player with a lot of athleticism.
  • On continuing to commuicate goals, Bo said that his team is very well aware of what is at stake this weekend.
  • On Zac Lee potentially looking more comfortable against Kansas, Bo said that he played well, executed the game plan. Bo said that he is just gaining experience, but not necessarily more comfortable. His success is just a byproduct of more games.

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