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The season is getting into that home stretch for Jacob Welter and then things could really take off for him. Of course, Welter has ties back to Nebraska, but he's been to just about every Cal game this year and is getting other PAC 10 attention. Welter is already holding his first offer as well and that might be something that he needs to find out more about as well.

Jacob Welter and his Danville (Calif.) Monte Vista team hit a tough part of the season. The 6-foot-5 and 280-pound lineman says his team dropped their only losses in a row a few weeks back.

"We are 5-3 right now," Welter said. "We have a game this week and next week and then into the playoffs. I think that we are doing alright this season.

"We had a run of bad luck, lost three in a row, and we are just getting things back to running right. We are hoping to get a good seed by winning the next two games."

Welter says that he has noticed the improvement in his game from last year to this year. He has grown up, gotten smarter as a player and knows that he is more physical now too.

"This is my second year on varsity. I noticed a difference in my overall play, really. I am playing smarter than I did last year because I know the ropes.

"I have a better idea of what I have to do on the field. Once you really know that it makes everything else just that much easier. It just happens.

"I also feel like I have become a lot more physical in my game as well. I think that it's related somewhat, to doing things just naturally, but I have noticed it."

Recruiting has been pretty steady for Welter. He took the summer trip to Nebraska and has seen Cal at about every home game this season. He also picked up his first offer.

"It's going pretty good. I took a trip to Nebraska this summer, of course. I have been to quite a few games up at Cal this year. I get down to the sidelines to watch.

"It's nice to be able to do that. Beyond that, I haven't taken any other visits. I did get an offer though. I picked up an offer from Ohio earlier in the year."

Some fret over whether or not they are going to get that offer. With Welter, there was a little of that, but ultimately it leads back to not being satisfied as himself as a player.

"It takes the edge off a little bit, but it really doesn't change things when it comes to wanting to get better and striving to be the best you can. That is never done."

Welter's father played at Nebraska and there are some serious ties to Nebraska at Ohio. In fact, Welter's father played with the line coach at Nebraska that is recruiting him.

"My dad knows Coach Frank Solich and another coach at Ohio, my dad also played with Kevin Lightner who is a coach at Ohio. He really likes the program there."

The Huskers are still most definitely in pursuit here. He hasn't talked personally to Nebraska since this summer, but his most recent film just recently went out to Nebraska.

"Nebraska sends me mail. I haven't talked to Barney Cotton since my trip to Nebraska. I am not really sure where they are with possibly offering.

"I did just send film to them last week or the week before. The mail has been pretty consistent from Nebraska, they are interested, just no offer yet."

There is some new interest popping up for Welter. A few weeks ago Welter was asked to come up to a PAC 10 team's camp this spring. He would like to go to Nebraska's if they ask him to come out.

"The Oregon line coach visited me at Monte Vista, said that he liked my film, and I got an invite to their camp in the spring. I am going to that camp next year.

"If I get an invite from Nebraska to get out there next summer then I will do that. I am just looking to hear from them and see what they want me to do."

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