Gabbert ready for the big game

With the Big 12 North title on the line Saturday night, 4-star Husker quarterback commit Tyler Gabbert will be taking his official visit to Lincoln to see the Big Red in action. With rumors flying around about his commitment status, Tyler went on the record with Big Red Report. Find out what he had to say in this exclusive update.

With his season over, Tyler Gabbert says his focus will continue to be on football, and improving his skill sets before he arrives on campus.

"I'm not going to play baseball or anything, I'm just going to concentrate on my workouts, and getting better at quarterback. I took a week off after the season, and I started lifting again last week. I'll start on my footwork and other fundamentals this week too."

Looks like it's time for your official to Lincoln, are you excited about the trip?

"Yeah, I'll be up this weekend, we are coming in on Friday. It will be me and my mom, she wants to get a look at everything again, and talk to the coaches. My dad doesn't get back in town until later Friday, so he will stay back here with my little brother.

"I'm excited to back up there, I was there for an unofficial awhile back when they played Texas Tech, so I know the crowd is going to be amped. This is a big game, with a lot on the line. I think Nebraska will come out on top."

What about all the gossip around your recruitment, word going around is you plan to visit Missouri sometime later in the year. Is that fact or fiction?

"It's really up in the air, everybody around me says I should go and check everything out at Missouri so I can make sure I'm solid on my decision.

"I want to make sure I don't have any regrets, so I'll probably make a visit up there in early December. It's not set in stone, but with the school being so close to home, it would be easy to make it up there."

Have you talked to coach Pelini and coach Watson about taking that visit? What's their opinion on the situation?

"They know about it, they know why, it's close to home and my brother is there. They told me that if I think I need to explore my options, they are fine with it.

"But they also said they know I am committed to Nebraska and they're looking forward to getting me up there this weekend on the visit."

He also mentioned he saw the Huskers last weekend defeat Kansas, and was impressed by the victory.

"That was a good game, the Nebraska defense did a good job again, like they have all year. The offense got back on track and started to run the football, I thought Nebraska played well. Zac Lee got in a good rhythm, learning how to play in an offense takes time. I thought he did a good job managing the game."

Tyler said he still considered himself committed to Nebraska, and looks forward to visiting with the Husker coaching staff while on his official in Lincoln. So stay with Big Red Report as we continue to bring you the latest on his recruitment.

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