Evans returns from official visit

Tyler Evans from Waverly (Nebr.) has seen his share of football games in Lincoln. That's why when he tells you that even he thought the fans were loud last night in the win against Kansas State that it was a special game environment. Evans is already home and heard some information about a change for him and where he will first play in Lincoln.

Tyler Evans has been a Nebraska commitment since early August. Born and raised in Nebraska, plays at Waverly (Nebr.), Evans has seen Nebraska before, but his official visit was still busy and informative.

"It was really good," Evans said. "It was packed full of stuff to do and it just went really well. I got a lot of information in three days. It went really good."

Evans said that he did go to Lincoln this weekend with the need for some more information. The information he got about the academics at Nebraska really blew him away.

"I wanted some more information on the academics. Everyone hears Nebraska they just think football, but the academics and support is second to none."

Evans was able to slip down to Lincoln on Friday to see the last walk through. He also hung out with the team through the night at the team meal and movie.

"I actually went down there Friday for a walk through. We stayed there Friday and Saturday. I went to team dinner and then to "Blindside" which was a really good movie."

This was a special weekend for Nebraska. A win secured a trip to Dallas for the Big 12 title game. Evans said that everyone on the team knew what was at stake. The fans did too.

"Everyone was pretty excited because their goal was to dominate the Big 12 North. They watched a highlight video and everyone was pretty jacked right there.

"We came down the hall and came out the tunnel and all of the fans were loud, it was crazy loud yesterday. That was pretty sweet to hear the crowd that loud."

There is a need for some safety help in this class, however there are many areas where Evans can be of assistance to Nebraska. It's on the offensive side of the ball first.

"I talked to Coach Bo Pelini and it sounds like I will start off at receiver. There is still a possibility that I could move over to defense and play safety or cornerback."

Evans played on offense for Waverly this year and doesn't have a preference about where he plays in Lincoln. He really just wants to help the team wherever they need him.

"I played quarterback this year, but I am either/or when it comes to playing a position or offense or defense. I want to play wherever I can help the team. I will do whatever they ask."

This weekend provided an opportunity for Evans to hang out with another commitment, Tyler Gabbert. The two of them had similar schedules and their player hosts hung out with each other.

"I spent a lot of time with Tyler Gabbert. He got in about the same time and our schedules were alike. Our player hosts were also pretty good friends.

"My player host was Brent Qvale and his was Mike McNeil. We didn't really talk about his commitment. I think that he likes Nebraska a lot. He's a great guy."

The season is over for Waverly football, but it's just starting up for basketball. Evans goes from the field to the hard court with practices starting tomorrow and their first game just a couple of weeks away.

"We just finished up. We lost in the quarter finals last week. We start basketball practice on Monday and our first game is that first weekend in December."

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