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What a weekend to take a visit to Lincoln. It was senior night for Nebraska as well as a chance for Nebraska to win the North Division outright and play for the Big 12 crown. One of the two commitments in Lincoln this weekend was Tyler Gabbert from Baldwin (Mo.) Parkway West. Gabbert was a little on the fence about his Nebraska commitment before the trip, what are his thoughts now?

The weekend is just getting over for Tyler Gabbert who just got back to St. Louis a while ago. The quarterback from Baldwin (Mo.) Parkway West loved the trip to Nebraska this past weekend.

"It was awesome," Gabbert said. "It was just an awesome trip. I really liked hanging out with some of the players on Friday and Saturday night.

"Meeting all of the coaches again, Coach Tom Osborne and Coach Shawn Watson are just great. It was awesome."

There was a change about Gabbert on the phone. You could just hear it in his voice that the words about Nebraska weren't lip service. He was "happy".

"I am very happy about everything. I would say that was definitely the case. That visit to Missouri was never set in stone. It was just a thought.

"I haven't talked to anyone at Missouri in quite some time, so I don't see that happening. Even if I do head down there it would be to hang out with my brother.

"Most of the times I head down there anyway it's not for football. I just go down there to hang out, have some fun and see my brother. It's not about football or recruiting."

The visit to Missouri was slated for a weekend in December and while Gabbert wouldn't come out and say that he wouldn't take it, he did say that there is a less chance that he will take it.

"I would say it's less than 50-50. The way that things are going, the opportunities that I have at Nebraska, I don't see going down to Missouri as a necessity on a visit."

While Gabbert obviously feels good about his commitment to Nebraska there is also some changes with Missouri. Gabbert noted that he hadn't heard from Missouri in a while and that mail isn't as frequent.

"I saw a decrease in the amount of correspondence I was getting from Missouri. I had not talked to the coaches at Missouri in a long time. The letters just come periodically now."

Putting Gabbert on the spot, Big Red Report asked him what the chance were that he would sign with Nebraska in February. "Oh, it's 100%. I know that."

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