Hoops' Grades, NU vs. Texas Tech

Check out HC's latest edition as we take a look at NU's latest woeful effort as they lose yet again, this one to Texas Tech, 75-49.

Huskers vs. Texas Tech Red Raiders Report Card

Huskers lose again 75-49. Box Score

Offense: D+

OK. There is not much to be said about this offensive performance other than the following things:

  1. Nate Johnson did not play because he slipped on some ice.
  2. 49 points
  3. 20 turnovers
  4. 34.6% FG shooting
  5. 49 points
  6. 20 turnovers

Best: John Turek and Brennon Clemmons – Each 4-7 FG for 10 points. This is more of a best-of-the-worst situation. John and Brennon both did a nice job, but receiving just ten points from your leading scorers is not going to take you very far.

Worst: Andrew Drevo – 2-13 FG, 1-8 3-point for 5 points. Hopefully this will never, ever, ever, ever happen again for Big Drev. He tried, but could not step up as the only scoring threat for Nebraska in this game.

Defense: D

Playing defense for this team has to be getting harder and harder because they know that no matter how well they play on this end that the offense will not produce enough to win in most cases. Andre Emmitt and Kasib Powell are not too shabby though, so stopping them would have been difficult even with a better offensive showing. Brennon had a nice game with four steals.

Best: Clemmons – the aforementioned four steals. Easily the best defensive performance.

Worst: Perimeter defense – It allowed a very poor 3-point shooting team in Texas Tech to manage a 5-for-10 night from deep. Nate would have helped in this area, but it was not the difference in the game by any means.

Rebounding: B

Nebraska was only outrebounded by two, so that is the reason for the relatively high mark in this department. The way things had been going it was nice to see the Huskers roughly break even on the boards. Wes Wilkinson did a very nice job on the glass in his first career start.

Best: Wilkinson – 6 rebounds. Combined those boards with his six points and this game could be perceived as progress for the Freshman. Hopefully though, we will not look back on this game as one of his better performances this season.

Worst: Tony Wilbrand – 1 offensive rebound. Come on Tony!! You can only manage one rebound in three minutes?!?! What's the matter with you?!?! (Hopefully you can all sense the sarcasm dripping from that statement. Everyone actually did a pretty good job in this game)

Free Throw Shooting: C-

They shot about average from the line, 64%, but the Huskers only managed 11 attempts in this game. The lack of Johnson's penetration probably led to that decline in attempts, so not much else can be said.

Best: Wilkinson – 4-4 FT. Way to knock them down big fella! United Spirit Arena is a pretty loud place and Wes was not fazed a bit.

Worst: Marques McCarty – 1-2 FT. Marques needs to spend more time working from the line at practice!! 50% is unacceptable mister!! (Again with the sarcasm)

Overall: F

Well, did anybody expect this game to turn out any differently? Bobby Knight notched his 800th win and did so without a challenge after the first minute. A 26-0 run after the Huskers scored the first five points put this game away early. It was ugly early and stayed ugly for most of the game. Only a nice little spurt at the end of the first half interrupted the ugliness. It is really hard to be positive about anything after such a lopsided and uninteresting game. Better luck next time…

Up Next: Oklahoma State

…as the highly ranked OSU Cowboys come riding into Lincoln next week. Nebraska has a whole week to prepare for this game, but may have to play without Nate Johnson again. A bad offense might be even worse against a very impressive Cowboy defense led by Melvin Sanders. Sanders is said by many to be the best defender in college basketball. The rest of the team is not too bad either. It will probably be another rough night for the Big Red. Hopefully, the youngsters will show the fans something to give hope for next year as it is getting harder and harder to follow this team.

Prediction: Oklahoma State 71 Nebraska 47

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