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Nebraska was the first official visit for Derron Smith. He came away with the visit excited about the Huskers and gave the visit a high mark. He has been waiting though. He's been waiting on some other interest to manifest into an offer or a visit possibly. Smith will be taking his second official this weekend.

Derron Smith from Banning (Calif.) is a 5-foot-10 and 173-pound cornerback on the grid iron. However, the football season is over and Smith is in another season already.

"It was good," Smith said. "The holiday was good to get some time off. Our football season is over and I am actually in basketball already.

"We had a chance to make it in to the playoffs, but there was a tie breaker involved and we didn't get the tie breaker."

While Banning missed on the playoffs Smith feels like he has a good season. He knows that there are things that you can always do better, but overall he thinks he played well.

"I think that I had a good season. You can always do things better. Overall though, I thought that I played well.

"I was playing on both sides of the ball. I played safety mostly on defense and quarterback on offense."

Smith still has some time this weekend to get out of town and take his second official visit. After taking his first official visit to Nebraska, Smith knows what he is looking for on his trip.

"I set up the official visit to Nevada. I leave for Nevada on the 4th, this Friday, for an official visit to there.

"After taking the official to Nebraska; I am going on this trip to get to know the coaches, see how the program is doing and the facilities."

The Huskers have made an impression on Smith that still has them high on his list. He still talks to the Nebraska staff, Carl Pelini is his recruiting coach, fairly regularly.

"Nebraska is still up there on my list. I still talk to them every now and then. It might not be weekly, because I miss their call, but they call regularly."

Smith has always been waiting on some more interest to come from a couple of schools. A couple of schools have told Smith that they are waiting to see what some other recruits do first.

"I am still waiting to hear from Fresno State. I have been told that a lot of their coaches like my film and they are supposed to be calling.

"Washington is another school that has been keeping in touch with me. Both schools are keeping an eye on another guy or two to see what they do."

There isn't a timetable or a deadline for Smith to commit by. He knows that something might come up at any time where he would want to commit, but until then he is just going with the process.

"I am playing it by ear right now. I am just going with it. If something comes up though, and it feels like the right place, then I will talk to my family and make a commitment."

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