Big 12 Title Game Teleconference Notes/Audio

Check out notes and audio from today's teleconference as coaches and players from both the University of Texas and University of Nebraska, talk about the up-coming match up to decide the 2009 Big 12 Champion.

Texas Head Coach, Mack Brown

  • On the Championship Game itself helping or hurting, Brown said that the game hurts. He said it's never helped in this conference. Only in revenue.
  • On his own defense from Aggie game, Mack said that the game probably helped team regain its focus. He said the team missed 13 tackles and had communication issues. He said the lack of performance will get his team's attention.
  • On Nebraska coming back to relevance, Brown said that Nebraska was never far away. Said Bo is a good coach and bringing Osborne back was a great thing for the program. He said it's one of those helmets that everyone knows who it is without saying who the team is.
  • Back to Aggie game, he said defensive coaches worked on Nebraska and themselves, based on what happened against A&M. Said that short week probably hurt them, in hindsight.
  • On Earl Thomas being the kind of player he is at such a young age, Brown said that in high school he was more an offensive threat than a defensive guy, so he is a bit surprised at his performance this year. Thomas is tied for the lead in the country in interceptions with eight.
  • On Nebraska defense, he said they aren't complicated, but they are talented and as well coached as anyone they have seen.
  • On special teams playing perhaps a role, Brown said he thought it would. He said of Alex Henery that he's done a great job of pinning teams deep.
  • On the Heisman race and McCoy's relevance in regard to that, Brown said that he's been as good this year as anyone in the country and is the team's MVP, without question.
  • On Ndamukong Suh, Brown said McCoy from Oklahoma dominated Texas, and he said that when you look at Suh, he's a player who dominates a game. He said other players are good, as well. He said that Nebraska's defensive front is as good as any other in the country and Suh is also.
  • He said you have to know where he's at every single snap. He said you look for strongest players on the team when putting the plan together.
  • On his ability to drop back in coverage, Brown said that you don't see it, because of his size.
  • On Jordan Shipley, Brown said that after Shipley's second leg injury two years ago, he talked to Shipley about potentially giving up football.
  • On his coach-in-waiting situation with Will Muschamp, he said it's ideal. He said that the lines of responsibility haven't changed, and that is a big factor on why it's worked.
  • On Colt not having fun earlier in the year, Brown said that Texas was sketchy at receiver, on the offensive line, at running back and he was also sick with the flu early. He said they reinvented the offense a bit, and as of the Oklahoma game they have become a better offense, because of its versatility.

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Texas Quarterback, Colt McCoy

  • On team making a promise to itself stemming from last year's disappointment of not playing in the conference title game, he said hearing that was a really tough situation. From that point on, he said that the seniors now have taken a hold of the team and prepared to take care of business. He said they are where they want to be.
  • On Nebraska defense, he said from watching film the past couple of days, he said they are one of the best defenses they will face all year. Said that secondary plays well and is physical. He said that the front four might be the best, and as far as Suh, he said you have to know where he is at all times. He said they are very well coached and don't make many mistakes.
  • On if there as a moment early on in the season where something might have clicked, he said that they struggled offensively, were inconsistent, had holes to fill from last year. He said he was sick on two of the biggest games this year, but he said turning point was the OU game. He said they started the season over, and things clicked from that point.
  • Back to Nebraska's secondary and their ability to be physical, he said Texas has seen some like that. He said that Nebraska isn't afraid of going man, bumping guys off routes, etc.
  • On the Heisman and being important to him, he said that he thinks every college player thinks of it. He sees it as a team award more than an individual award. But he doesn't go into games trying to win it and never has for that or any other award. He said winning is all the matters.

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Nebraska Head Coach, Bo Pelini

  • On getting to this championship game in just the second year, Bo said that the team is behind schedule. He said that he wanted to get to this game last year. He said he is happy for the opportunity and for the players. The bottom line for him wasn't time it took to win. It was just about winning.
  • On the conference championship game in general, he said that any time you play one extra game, and if there are a bunch of undefeated teams it could hurt. But if there are a lot of one-loss teams, it could help.
  • On recruiting in Dallas and this game being there, he said it will hopefully help them nationally as well as in that area. He said the game can do nothing but help.
  • On the biggest challenge against Texas, he said that it was everything with Texas. He said they were good in everything.
  • On what makes Texas as good as they are in the two-minute drill, he said that they throw the ball very well. He said that the team just has to be sound. He said his own offense has to take advantage of opportunities. He said team can't get soft.
  • On the possible fun of drawing up schemes for someone like Suh, Bo said they don't draw anything up specifically for him. He just makes plays within that scheme. He said Suh is very instinctive for that position, which he considers rare.
  • On Brown saying Nebraska was never far off, even in the down times, Bo said there has been a lot of work in getting the team back. But he did say that the facilities and support from the administration are there, which allow you to have success. He did say, though, that putting in the culture he wanted, took some time.
  • On Colt McCoy and what makes him who he is, Bo said that what sticks out is that he has all the tools. He's athletic, has a great arm, is smart and reads defenses very well. And he has a great supporting cast.
  • On his secondary, he said he thinks they have come a long ways from where they were. He said Nebraska does things differently than other teams, playing aggressive, multiple coverages, etc.
  • On whether or not this team is playing its best football, he said it's there to be played, but they haven't yet.
  • On Burkhead against Colorado and his importance to the offense, he said it helps. He said the hundred yards against CU was big.

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Nebraska Offensive Lineman, Jacob Hickman

  • On Texas' defense, he said that it's been solid all year, and that they have their work cut out for them.
  • On looking back to previous regime and where this team is at now, was he surprised about where they are at now? He said that he wasn't surprised, and that he knew when Pelini came in, this game was the objective.
  • On how many yards Texas gave up against the Aggies and giving them confidence. He said that Nebraska can't really use that, because they are completely different than A&M, offensively. He said it was nice to see, but it's impossible to compare.
  • On Suh, the thing that he believes most defensive tackles has strength or speed or size. He said Suh has all three, which makes him unique. He said his great motor is another thing that makes him special.
  • On Pelini not being happy after the CU victory, he said that Coach Bo strives for perfection, and the kind of hiccups toward the end of that game frustrated him.
  • On a long stretch without a break and now with a bit of one coming up offering a welcome respite and a time to get healthy. He said he hoped that nobody looked at it like that, but you could look at it as a time where you could let it all hang out and know that you have time to recover between now and the bowl. But he said he felt everyone was just excited for this game and didn't look beyond it.
  • On Lee coming back after being replaced, potentially being different, and having Burkhead back. He said of Lee that Zac seemed more relaxed this time around. As far as Rex coming back, Jacob said it was huge with his extra dimension and giving Roy rest is huge.
  • On the mood of the players right now, he said the team is excitement, because half the team hasn't played in a game like this. The players really know that and they get a feeling that this is a different kind of game.
  • On the offense, he said that it's been more fun for an offensive lineman, because it's a more run oriented type of attack. He said it hasn't been pretty, but they have found ways to get it done. He said it's a different mentality, basically.

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Nebraska DefensiveTackle, Ndamukong Suh

  • On defending Colt McCoy and potentially confusing him, he said that he doubts they can do that. He said key was to be in his face and force him to make quick decisions. He said if you give him time, you are going to have problems.
  • On a defensive lineman winning the Heisman, he said it's possible, but he said the reality of it he wasn't sure about. He said hopefully a defensive lineman will come along and push for it one day.
  • On seeing an offense like Texas, he said they were unique in regard to what other teams they have seen. He said the only team close from the system standpoint, is Missouri. He said Texas is unique though.
  • On what they did against Colt last time they faced him in 2006, he said that McCoy has matured and has added efficiency in the passing game and the ability to find open receivers. He said that his running ability makes him an all-around and elite quarterback.
  • On his own secondary and how well they have played compared to last year, Suh said they have definitely improved, especially from honing in and taking advantage of opportunities. He said that what they have done the last few games they have played well and have given the front four more time on quarterbacks.
  • On the team's resilience this year, he said the maturity of the leaders on the team have led to that. He said that they put themselves in a bind, but they knew they could
  • On Texas offensive line, he said they have improved from what he saw in the 2006 game. But said that they have always been good.

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