Knocked Out

The taste is there for a team when they make it to the finals and play a good game. Harvey Jackson and Sugar Land (Texas) Hightower had that last year. Into the finals and come up short. This year was all about taking that next step or that's the way it was supposed to go. Hightower is out now and Jackson is left to get ready for track and for college football.

It's a little bit shocking that Sugar Land (Texas) Hightower is already out of the playoffs. Even Harvey Jackson sounds a little upset when he just has to say that his season is over.

"We're done," Jackson said. "We got knocked out by Westbrook in the second round. It was tough."

All in all, Jackson feels like his season went pretty well. The fact of the matter is that his stats aren't what they are cracked up to be because not a lot of people challenged him early in the season.

"I thought that my season went good. I had around 65 tackles, nine passes broken up and two interceptions.

"During the regular season, a lot of teams really avoided me. They didn't come my way at all, pretty much."

Jackson has kept a close eye on Nebraska's season and the progress that they have made this year. He sees the change and thinks that the defense is playing very, very well.

"I think that Nebraska has done really well. Bo Pelini is turning things around. He's definitely making his mark there.

"I think that every team has as much of a chance as the other to win going into a game, 50-50. They'll do good."

With his season over Jackson is left to get ready for college football and track this spring. He is going to run sprints this spring to work on his speed. It's something that he hasn't done before, but looks forward to doing.

"I am going to run track. Right now I am just working out getting ready for the next level. I am working on speed, footwork and strength.

"In track I am going to run sprints. I will be running the 100 and 200 open. I don't have a 100 or 200 time because I have only done relays.

"I will run the sprints this year though and I will also run the relays like I have run before in the past."

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