Signed, sealed and waiting to deliver

It was just a week ago when big news came for Nebraska with the commitment of Jermarcus Hardrick to Nebraska. Today, Hardrick signed his national letter of intent with Nebraska and is the first one in the class of 2010 to do so. Hardrick talks about getting the recruiting process behind him and what his thoughts are about Nebraska as a program and the upcoming bowl game.

"I just signed," Hardrick said. "The only letter that I had faxed to me was the letter for Nebraska and that is the only one that I wanted. I didn't get anything from LSU today."

Nebraska got a late official visit from Hardrick who committed to Nebraska with team mate Lavonte David last Wednesday. LSU was the team that Hardrick was previously committed to and they did try to get in touch with him.

"LSU did call me and they tried to talk to me and stay in touch with me. I knew where I was going. I was going to be a Cornhusker today."

Initially the plan was that both Hardrick and David would enroll at semester. The only one in the clear is Hardrick, but there is still a chance for David who is trying to get a math credit done quickly.

"He'll sign in February. Levonte came in late that summer that we reported as freshman. We were all there in May and he didn't show up until right before the season started."

Hardrick has nothing but high praise and hopes for the program now at Nebraska as well as after he gets up there. He is hoping that the Huskers put together a good gameplan to win the Holiday Bowl a little later this month.

"I see nothing but good things for the football program at Nebraska first of all. I hope that they can put together a good effort and go out and win the bowl game against Arizona."

There is just a little time for Hardrick to hang out with family before he will need to get up to Lincoln for school. "January 11 is the first day of school in Lincoln. I will probably get up to Lincoln a couple of days before that to get moved in and get used to it."

Hardrick said that he looks forward to reuniting with one former teammate when he gets to Lincoln and then welcome David when he arrives later on that year. "I'm going to be with my best friends. Both those guys are like my brothers," Hardrick said of David and sophomore Husker receiver Brandon Kinnie. "We're going to be together and help the team get it done this next year."

As a four-star recruit and one-time LSU commit, Hardrick's size and strength made him a must-have for any offense trying to find an instant impact player on the line. Hardrick said that is exactly what he plans on being, because all those traits coaches so covet, no matter the level, are things he says are just him. "I bring a fire to any line I play. I mean, you have to be nasty. Us offensive linemen aren't pretty, nobody gives us any credit and that's just fine," he said. "We don't care about being the popular guy. We just care about knocking some heads and moving the ball down the field."

Hardrick has seen Nebraska have its problems with doing just that, the Husker offense ranking as one of the worst in the country in terms of yardage per game and points. The January enrollee didn't see that as a problem, though. He says that what he brings will help a line which he thinks is ready to go. "You just need fire. You need to be emotional about knocking people around. I know I can bring that to Nebraska," he said. "They have good players there already. But it never hurts to have a little more fire. I got that."

Everyone who signs or commits is excited about the future, hopeful that they not only play their first year, but are able to help the team take that next step. Hardrick's plan is to get there, listen to the coaches, get to know his players and together, do just that. "I'm proud to be a Cornhusker. And we're going to take it to the next level as a team. The defense is legit, and now the offense has to catch up," he said. "I can't wait to be a part of that. We're going to make it happen. Nebraska is climbing back up."

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