Hoops Grades - NU vs. Texas

NU was outmatched, but unlike so many other games, Nebraska showed well in this one even though they lost, Texas beating the Huskers, 75-63.

Huskers vs. Texas Longhorns Report Card

Huskers lose again 75-63. Box Score

Offense: A

This offensive output in terms of field goal percentage was the second best by Nebraska this season. The 44% fell just shy of the number against Colorado. The 63 points was also a step up from the norm. Brennon Clemmons is establishing himself as a viable scoring threat just in time for the season to end! It is too bad that he was injured for so long or he could have helped in the outcomes of a few games this year. Corey Simms came back from his suspension with a very solid performance. I have adopted the policy of saying mostly nice things about these guys, so I will not comment on Brian Conklin's 0-for-6 effort from 3-point range.

Best: Clemmons – 6-10 FG, 2-3 3-point for 17 points. BC is coming on strong lately. Hopefully, he can take his show on the road for Missouri.

Worst: Conklin – 0-6 FG, 0-6 3-point for 0 points. Like I said earlier, my lips are sealed on this one.

Defense: B

Texas struggled with the zone defense Nebraska played throughout the game, but Brandon Mouton had his best game as a Longhorn and saved the day. He had 24 points and shot lights out for the whole game. The main problem with the defense will be discussed in the next section and that would be giving up offensive rebounds. The sad thing these days is that teams are starting to take Nebraska for granted and their efforts on offense are showing that attitude. Oklahoma State finally woke up in the second half and Texas did the same thing. Hopefully Kansas State and Iowa State come to Lincoln with those same feelings.

Best: Nate Johnson – 3 steals. Nate did a good job hanging tough on T.J. Ford when the outstanding UT guard would penetrate the zone.

Worst: Rotation defense on occasion. Brandon Mouton was left wide open too much and the Huskers paid for it. Texas would rotate the ball and Nebraska was not quick enough to find the open man.

Rebounding: F

Nebraska was outrebounded 41-30, but it seemed even worse because of the number of easy offensive rebounds Texas was able to corral. The Longhorns had 14 offensive rebounds, which they turned into 11 second chance points. Many of those offensive boards were because the Huskers simply did not box out very well. This has been said before, but a team that needs to get every loose ball to win should not be outhustled in any game.

Best: Tony Wilbrand – 2 rebounds with 1 offensive. Tony has to be given some love for his ten minutes worth of effort. It was a very nice outing for "The Alliance Animal" when you add his layup to the rebounds.

Worst: Andrew Drevo and John Turek – 8 rebounds with 4 offensive combined. This duo is a stretch for worst performance because they did not do as well as they should have due to foul trouble.

Free Throw Shooting: C

The number of attempts was good with 22, but the 64% percent is not where it needs to be. Drevo has hit a slump from the line, which is not good for the Huskers main scoring threat. John Turek rebounded miraculously from his showing against OSU.

Best: Turek – 5-7 FT. Somebody must have been impersonating John in this game because he was smooth as silk from the line. He reduced the amount of arc on his shots and it was fantastic to watch. Keep it up John!

Worst: Drevo – 2-5 FT. When you can get to the line like Andrew can, you need to be able to hit more than 40% to say the least. Keeping working on it Drevo.

Overall: B

All in all this was not a bad effort from Nebraska. Texas is just much deeper and more talented than the Huskers and it was very evident. It was fun to see T.J. Ford show off some unbelievable moves and the rest of the ‘Horns played well. Nebraska has played better the last two games, which has been a nice change of pace, but it has not resulted in any more wins.

Up Next: @ Missouri

This one is simple: Another road game equals another road loss for Nebraska. If they keep it under ten points, then it will have been a successful trip to Columbia. Thank you and good night!

Prediction: Missouri 72 Nebraska 60

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