Junior to Watch - RB, Jason Scales

From not out of the state of Nebraska, but right next door, we take a look at one of the better RB prospects out of the state of Iowa. Jason scales tipped the meter last year in regards to yards and touchdowns and looks to do the same again this year.

As a junior, Jason Scales rushed for over 2,600 yards and scored over 30 touchdowns. Ok, stop the update. No more needs to be said. This kid can play. He's modest though despite the gaudy numbers, knowing that a repeat would be nice, but he's just looking to take it one game at a time. "Doing better would be nice and all, but I don't look at it like that." Jason said. "I'm just going out there and playing."

Somewhat of a nonchalant attitude you might think or at the very least, laid back. That pretty much describes Jason as he doesn't run with a void of emotion, but finds that he's at his best when he thinks and sees clearly. "I like to look at the field and I think my ability to see the field is good." Jason said. "It's really just about keeping your head in the game though."

That headiness if I can call it that equates to what you see, but Jason's physical ability certainly doesn't hurt. At his size, what you can guess about his strength is probably going to be accurate. "I like to move and my elusiveness is one of my main strengths." Scales stated. "You make that first guy miss and just see what you can do from there."

What Jason did is illustrated well by his numbers and those numbers simply scream at people to take notice. Many schools have. Michigan, Iowa, Iowa State, Nebraska, Ohio State and so on have all taken notice of him and Jason reported that he is one of the few that already have some offers, his being from Iowa and Iowa State.

Much like with Nebraska kids, with the increasing success of the Iowa schools, most speculate as to not if they will attend one of the local Universities, but when they will make the decision. Jason is open to that, but he's open to looking around as well. "Right now, I'm not even thinking about it too much, but I'm looking at depth charts, education and coaches that will be honest with me in what my role is on their team." Jason said.

That's definitely part of the recruiting process anymore as it's not just about who wants you, but who needs you. Most young standouts like Jason aren't eager to find themselves relegated to riding the pine, buried in a depth chart they weren't aware of from communications with coaches, so he's just being careful.

Jason's camp experience has been Iowa State the last couple of years and he expects to go back again this year and is open to the possibility of others, but isn't sure just yet. "I would like to go to Ohio State's, but don't know about that right now." Jason said.

While Jason's success would seem obvious from his numbers, they hardly denote the impressiveness of his team's accomplishment last year. A team not even considered as anything but another playoff team with a brief existence, this "cinderella" if I can call them that, took a marginal record, but peaked at the right time, taking it all the way to the title. Jason's senior year is that time for him and although his numbers were good, even great by most measurements, for him, there's always room to improve. "There's always part of my game that I need to work on." Jason said. "You can't be too good at anything."

His future is much like his options right now, wide-open and that's just how he is keeping it. While teams like Iowa, Iowa State, Ohio State, Michigan and the like all seem attractive, he's open to every team, stating, "There's just too much that can happen between now and then, so I'm not to high or low on anyone right now."

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