Hoops Grades - NU vs. Missouri

It was a little of what you have gotten used to seeing and, well, ok, it was a lot of what you have gotten used to seeing as Nebraska loses to Missouri, 67-50. Check out our latest grade for the NU basketball team.

Huskers vs. Missouri Tigers Report Card

Huskers lose 67-50. Box Score

Offense: D+

It was your typical Husker offensive performance against the Tigers. They managed to reach 50 points by the end of the game, but it was not looking good late in the contest. The 36.5% FG shooting was what is expected from this team these days and that is a sad commentary. The inside game is not productive and neither is the outside game. The most reliable shot Nebraska can take is probably a Nate Johnson mid-range jumper. Oh well, guess this season is full of problems with few solutions on offense and playing on the road just makes things worse.

Best: Johnson – 8-15 FG, 0-3 3-point for 17 points. A very solid game from Nate. He took what the defense gave him and turned that into a nice night.

Worst: John Turek – 1-6 FG for 2 points. A regular showing from John, who makes a difficult shot early and then proceeds to force another five shots. It is very frustrating to watch and listen to Turek perform on the offensive end.

Defense: C

Without a big man who could defend Arthur Johnson, the Huskers were forced to pack it in with the hopes that Mizzou would struggle from outside like they did in Lincoln. Unfortunately, Missouri made 13 of its 36 3-point attempts and put the Huskers away pretty early. It is hard to criticize this strategy, but the effort was lacking somewhat. The Tigers were simply given wide-open looks from deep on many occasions. It is still possible to run at the shooter while packing it in, but Nebraska did not do this.

Best: Zone defense on Arthur Johnson – It held the very talented big man to just 10 points and 3 rebounds. This would have been great if the Tigers were cold from outside, but that did not happen.

Worst: Zone defense on the perimeter – As mentioned earlier, the perimeter defense was very slow to react and failed to even put a hand in each shooter's face.

Rebounding: F

The Huskers were utterly dominated on the glass, 47-31, and gave up 17 offensive rebounds. Many of those were off of long 3-point shots, so it is difficult to grab some of those, but 17 are still way too many. Missouri was more active and managed to grab more loose rebounds than Nebraska. Not much more can be said.

Best: Corey Simms – 7 rebounds with 1 offensive. Corey stepped up again on the glass. He is pretty amazing sometimes since he is only 6'5".

Worst: Boxing Out – The offensive rebounding by Missouri was just too easy sometimes. The interior zone did a bad job of matching up to box out on missed shots.

Free Throw Shooting: D+

Not a very good effort from the line in this game overall. They only managed 12 attempts and made just 8 of those. The guards need to penetrate a lot more and just go up strong hoping for a foul. There are not enough good shooters to just pass the ball around the perimeter. Corey Simms is the only guy who is doing that right now and he needs to do more of it.

Best: Corey Simms – 3-4 FT. He missed one, but had the most attempts of anybody. Corey has been solid all year for this team. He is probably the only player you can say that about on this team.

Worst: Andrew Drevo – 1-2 FT. This team needs every point Drev can get and missing freebies is not a good thing. This 1-for-2 business is becoming more common for the big man.

Overall: C-

It was a road game against a ranked opponent, so the recipe for a loss was very evident coming into the contest.. The Huskers battled hard for most of the game, but the talent difference was way too much to overcome. This loss is the eighth in a row for Nebraska, which stands as the third longest streak in team history and two behind the record. Hopefully, that record will not fall this year, but it just might.

Up Next: @ Baylor

This game looked winnable all the way up to last week. Yes it is a road game, but Baylor was playing almost as bad as Nebraska for most of the season. That all changed though when the Bears shocked Oklahoma State IN STILLWATER!! Baylor went ahead and followed that win up with another one on the road at Kansas State. That's two road wins in a row for a team that had gone two years without one. So this means very bad things for Nebraska. Perimeter defense is a must against Jerry Lucas, Kenny Taylor, and Lawrence Roberts. The first two can shoot lights out and Roberts is a great rebounder who can score as well. This one will not be easy and, since it is on the road, it will be a loss most likely.

Prediction: Baylor 69 Nebraska 60

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