Junior Days check off list

The names continue to add up as to the kids who will be coming into Lincoln this weekend for Nebraska's first "Junior Day" of the year. Here's a quick rundown of some of the more recent additions to the list.

Coming out of the great state of Minnesota is wide receiver Jameer Jackson. Jackson stands 6-3 and weighs around 218 pounds. That sized served him well last year as Jackson put up whopping numbers, catching four short of 90 balls for over 1,100 yards and 14 touchdowns. For some that's a career. But for Jackson, who was a first-year player from Osseo having transferred after the season prior, he feels that was just the tip of the iceberg for him. "They threw to me a lot. But I know there's a lot more I can do than what I showed. I'm anxious to do that this year," Jackson said.

Right now he sports an offer, but from Division II. This trip to Nebraska is one of a few he plans to make over the off-season, so he can let coaches get a look at him firsthand. "I transferred and maybe I'm a bit under the radar. I don't know. But that's what these trips are all about," he said. "I got the letter from them, and everyone knows about Nebraska. That's one of the big programs around."

Among the many places sending him letters, Jackson said almost the entire Big 10 is sending him mail. But he's not assuming anything at this point, and he said there's no conference loyalty whatsoever. "I just want to play. I just want to get that first offer and see where the process goes. I'm totally open to everyone," he said. "I had a good season, but I know I can get better. I am hoping coaches see that, too."

Another wide receiver coming in lives a bit closer to Lincoln. Just 60 miles east, actually. It's Omaha Central's Teddy Lampkin, a 5-7 burner. When we say "burner", we mean it. At this year's U.S. Army All-American junior combine Lampkin posted the best 40-time of all the 400+ attendees, running a blistering 4.37. On the soft turf of the Alamo Dome, where it's notoriously slow, Lampkin admitted surprise. "I wasn't expecting it. I know my dad kind of said something like he guessed I'd run in that range. But I didn't think it would be that fast," he said. "I actually got a bad start." His recruiting process got off to a great start after that, Kansas State offering him a couple of weeks ago and Iowa State jumping in this last week.

Kansas State recently lost the services of Brandon Banks, another burner of shorter stature. Lampkin said he could see a lot of himself in Banks. "I think we bring a lot of the same things to the table, because I know I am a lot more than just a speed guy. Speed will only get you so far," said Lampkin who averaged 20 yards per catch last season. "I like to think of myself as a well-rounded guy who can run, but knows how to run routes, block – just everything."

Like Jackson, he's going to check out the University to see and learn a few things. But Lampkin has obviously been there before, stating that he's seen five games there on unofficial visits. But like Jackson, he's trying to get a feel for what the Husker coaches feel about him and then go from there. "Yeah, that's about it. I mean, I just want to get some idea of how interested they are. But there are also some more things about the school and the academics I want to learn," he said.

With two offers in already, Lampkin doesn't have to worry about the future. It's set. The only question now is where.

We profiles Christian Suntrup, a quarterback out of Missouri who despite Nebraska getting their quarterback for 2011, is coming up anyway. He's one of three we know about in regard to the position. Along with him is Bubba Starling out of Gardner, Kansas and then there is Brock Berglund out of Colorado. After sending his film out to a reported 39 schools which come from teams in the Big 12, Pac 10, MAC and even more, the interest he's gotten in return is impressive. "We sent my film out about two weeks ago, and it's been reassuring how much response we have been getting," he said.

Among that number are schools such as Colorado, Colorado State, Kansas State, Nebraska, Arizona, Arkansas and UCLA, just to name a few.

Berglund said that his recruiting process is obviously wide open right now as he's trying to gauge who out of these schools has the most interest. But he said from his childhood roots of following college football, he has his selection of teams he's watched over the years. "Well, CU, of course. I grew up a big fan of them. And I have a lot of relatives on my dad's side who live in Omaha. So, I watched Nebraska a lot, too," he said. "Then there is UCLA which I have always liked. I mean, I am completely open, but those are just some of the schools I watched a lot growing up."

Berglund knows all about Nebraska's recent quarterback commit, Jamal Turner, just in case you wondered. He even watched film of him a few days ago. "He's great. He's fast, he's strong. I didn't see him pass a lot," Berglund said. "I don't know what position they are recruiting him as. I guess it sounds like a quarterback. I'm not sure, but yeah, that guy is a stud."

Some quarterbacks might instantly back off and find someplace else to go. Berglund said that if a school is recruiting him hard to play QB, the rest doesn't matter. "If Nebraska continues to recruit me as a quarterback and actually recruits me hard, I'm not going to stop looking at them just because they have another QB," he said. "I have confidence in what I can do, and I don't have any problem going into a situation with guys my age or a little older and compete with them for a job.

"Who they have on the list right now doesn't factor into it at all."

With Nebraska seeming as if they are going to go to the more athletic type of quarterback, Berglund hits all the marks there as he rushed for 890 yards and 14 scores last season, while completing 59% of his passes for over 2,200 yards and 30 scores. Probably no wonder competition doesn't mean much to him. "I think I am as good as anyone out there. It's just the kind of confidence I have in myself. So, I don't care about competition. I'm not looking for someone to give me a job. I'm looking for a place where I can earn it."

We'll keep profiling more names as we get them in, and make sure to check the RED ZONE, where we have our check off sheet of those we have confirmed coming in this weekend.

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