Colorado prep RB impressed on Junior Days

Adonis Ameen-Moore, from Mullen high school in Denver (CO), made his first ever visit to Lincoln for the Nebraska junior day this weekend. Adonis talks about his visit and the possibility of a Husker offer in this latest update with Big Red Report.

Adonis and his teammate, Connor Healy, both made their way to Nebraska yesterday. And according to Adonis, things went better than either could have expected.

"Wejust got back today (Sunday) around 2 o'clock. It wasn't a bad flight at all, I think it took a little over an hour. We got up there late Friday night and then went over to the campus on Saturday."

How did the visit go?

"When we first got there, we had to sign in. Then we all headed up to I think what was a press box at the stadium. Coach Osborne talked to us for a little while, then the academic guy spoke, I believe his first name was Dennis. Coach Pelini spoke after that.

"They all just talked about what they expect from their student athletes, stuff like that. I enjoyed it, and learned a lot about the school. All the recruits went to the basketball game after that, it was a good time."

Did you get a chance to tour the facilities?

"We took the entire tour, the weight room, locker room, everything. I've never seen anything like it, and I might not again. I don't think there are too many places like that, they have everything you need right there. It was incredible."

Adonis said several things caught his eye on the visit, but one thing surprise him the most.

"They measured us up too, weights and heights. I came in at 6-foot, but I weighed like 232. I couldn't believe it. I just weighed myself at the doctor not too long ago, and I was around 218. I guess I hit a little growth spurt. I had on a lot of heavy cloths, my boots and jeans, that must have had something to do with it.

What about an offer, was there any talk about that?

"Not really, the coaches just said this 2011 class is a real important class. I think they have a lot of juniors, so they need to make all their offers count in this class. I talked to coach Beck for a little while, and gave him my highlight tapes. I kind of doubt they offer me right now."

Does this change your mindset about the school? I know before the visit you said Nebraska was high on your list.

"No, I hope I hear something from them soon. I liked it up there a lot, it's a school I could definitely see myself at."

Stay with Big Red Report, as we will continue to keep you updated on the status of 4 star running back Adonis Ameen-Moore.

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