Hoops Grades - NU vs Baylor

So close, but, well, another heartbreaker. Not as bad as it looks, but another loss is another loss. Check out our breakdown as we grade out the Huskers as they lose to Baylor, 78-64

Huskers vs. Baylor Bears Report Card

Huskers shoot well, but lose 78-64. Box Score

Offense: A-

If this game just consisted of the first half then this grade would have been an A+++++++ because the team shot an astounding 64% and scored 40 points, yes 40 POINTS. The Huskers came back to earth in the second half, but that was to be expected. Even with that poor finishing half, Nebraska reached 64 points and shot a Big 12 best 47%. The key to this explosion was a combination of Brian Conklin's 3-point barrage and Baylor's lazy interior defense on guard penetration. Conk was on fire early and continued into the second half. Four players finished in double figures for Nebraska. This type of performance on the road could lead to much success at home in the next two games.

Best: Conklin – 5-8 FG, 5-8 3-point. BC got off in this game and it sparked the whole offense. When Brian is hot then this team really clicks.

Worst: Wes Wilkinson – 1-4 FG, 0-1 3-point. This isn't a bad game for Dub Dub, but he could have done better. Everyone is still waiting to Wes to show off his range that he supposedly brought to Nebraska.

Defense: D

Nebraska tried, but could not handle the talented youngsters from Baylor. Those specifically include sophomores Lawrence Roberts, John Lucas Jr., and Kenny Taylor. Roberts dominated the Husker big men all game and finished with a double-double. Lucas and Taylor bombed away from outside and finished with 16 and 14 points respectively. The Bears are flying high on offense right now, so it was not an easy task coming into the game Even with that said, Nebraska did not step up enough defensively. It is understandable that this team is wearing down defensively. Defense is a lot easier to play when you are winning compared to losing. When you lose nine-in-a-row it makes it that much harder.

Best: John Turek – 2 blocks and 1 steal. Roberts abused him and every other big man, but he managed to defend better than most.

Worst: Corey Simms – Corey did not manage to grab a steal which is usually what he is known for defensively. Since this game was not on television it was difficult to get a grasp on who did what on defense.

Rebounding: F

Another bad day rebounding for Nebraska. They were beaten on the boards 40-28 and gave up 14 offensive rebounds. This really needs to improve if the Huskers want to pick up a win at home this upcoming week. Baylor is not a big team, so being beaten by this much is hard to accept.

Best: Brennon Clemmons – 10 rebounds with 2 offensive. Think of what the final tally would have looked like if BC had not stepped up on the glass. He nearly had a triple-double in this game, but fell 2 assists short.

Worst: Simms – 0 rebounds. This is a shocking statistic because Corey has made his mark his whole career on the glass. He played 33 minutes, so he had ample opportunity to grab some boards, but failed to do so.

Free Throw Shooting: F

Nebraska did not make it to the line very often and when they did they only made 57%. The Huskers were aggressive going to the hole all game, but Baylor did not challenge very many of those shots, which led to the low number of attempts. Going 4-for-7 will not win you many basketball games in the Big 12.

Best: Clemmons – 4-5 FT. Brennon had a very good day at the line.

Worst: Turek – 0-0 FT. Maybe this is a good thing, but John needs to at least get to the line a few times. He will probably miss his fair share, but he needs to be more aggressive and try to draw more fouls.

Overall: B-

The first half was excellent offensively, but a weak second half hurt the Huskers once again. Baylor came in with two consecutive road wins and proved to be too tough for Nebraska. It was great to see Brian Conklin hit some threes, but conversely the defense was tough to listen to with Baylor knocking down shot after shot. If nothing else, this was the best Big 12 road game Nebraska has played this season. If the Big Red Ballers carry this momentum home with them then a couple of victories can be had in the next week.

Up Next: Kansas State

The Wildcats are slowly coming back down to earth after a fast start and represent a possible victory for Nebraska. KSU ripped the Huskers in Manhatten, but Nebraska is a much different team at home. If Matt Seibrant is not allowed to dominate the interior, then the Huskers can probably win this game. Conklin needs to continue his hot shooting and playing even on the glass is very important in this game. If these things happen then victory is Nebraska's!!

Prediction: Nebraska 66 Kansas State 64

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