Check out our notes and quotes from Spring practice today. Senior center Ricky Henry is out right now, but this could be the healthiest offensive line in over a year. Is it the WILL, the MIKE, the MIKE or the WILL? WILL Compton tries to explain what it all means. And Adi Kunalic hoping for another year with the Big Red? Still way up in the air, but he talked about that after practice today.

You can refer to our original notes from early practice for much of what's going on with injuries and some other observations

  • I had a conversation with senior kicker Adi Kunalic after practice. And I will have the audio from that up here in a bit. The interesting part here is that he said he's been working on field goals more than he has in the last couple of years. What he's hoping is that he'll be able to redshirt this year and take over field goal kicking duties his final year with the program. It's not for certain what has to happen in order for him to do that. I would imagine they will have to see something out of Brett Maher, who is going into his sophomore season with the Huskers. Adi said that Brett is working more with the kickoff team than he has, so it would seem anyway, if he does work out, that will allow them to redshirt Adi and he can compete for the top job next year.
  • In talking to Will Compton after practice, it's a bit complicated the various things they are doing on defense, especially when it comes to the linebackers. Compton talked about a new base they are working on, and there are packages in which he is the starting WILL and sophomore Eric Martin is the MIKE. But there are also instances where Martin is working at a position other than in the middle. I will have audio of that up too, and even Will admitted that it's kind of hard to explain it all without giving away anything potentially sensitive.
  • An interesting note is on P.J. Smith, who I should have some video on (we'll see how it turns out), and how he talked about at one point not even thinking he was going to be competing at this level of play. He said that he had a big enough issue with maturity when he was younger, as well as being a bit of a "hot head", that he's thankful to be where he is at right now.
  • Marcel Jones talked after practiced today, and when he was asked how banged up the line was last year he went through this laundry list of sorts, trying to name off all the things each player had throughout the season. So, I asked who wasn't injured at some point during the season. He said he had no idea. He said he battled a problem with his A.C. Joint last year, which kept him out of some of if not entire games during the season.
  • Head Coach Bo Pelini refused to single out any individuals when asked who has been impressive thus far. 
  • Pelini briefly addressed the linebacker situation.  He said it would be tough to fill the void that Phil Dillard left in the middle, but he expects strong competition, but he really like the whole group.
  • Pelini did say that he thinks his team is way ahead of where they were one year ago.
  • When asked about Chase Rome and Jay Guy, Pelini said, "there's a lot of learning to be done, but the future is bright for both of them."
  • The early theme of the spring has been "swagger."  Pelini said, "they can swagger all they want, we just have to execute.....we can swagger if we're winning football games."
  • Pelini told the media after practice that he really likes the team's tempo so far.

Here is some post practice audio from today

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