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With eight days remaining till the Spring Game, Nebraska took the Hawks Championship Center turf this afternoon. The team practiced in full pads.

  • After practice today, Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini did not seem too enthused about his team's effort today.  "It was ok, I thought we did some good things offensively."
  • Pelini has been very relaxed with the media, which is often not the case in the fall.  However, Bo's mild manners in front of the camera do not carry over to actual practice time.  When DE Pierre Allen was asked if Bo's demeanor has been "mild" in practice, Allen laughed.
  • Pierre Allen also spoke about his individual goals.  Allen said coming off an injury plagued season, he wants to stay healthy this upcoming season.  When asked how good he can be, Allen replied, "All-American good."
  • Pierre Allen also said he plans on taking more of a leadership role this season.  Allen wants to be the "vocal leader," while fellow defensive lineman Jared Crick will be more of a "leader by example."
  • Allen also told me that his injured leg isn't quite back to full strength, but it's getting there.
  • Jermarcus Hardrick has been at practice ever since injuring his left hand.  Hardrick normally wears a cast on his hand when not on the field, but during practice, Hardrick wears a club on his hand.  Despite the gigantic club on his hand, Hardrick has gradually improved his technique since joining the team.
  • When I asked senior guard Keith Williams about the club, Williams replied, "That thing is wicked."
  • Ben Cotton was among a few Huskers who were sidelined this afternoon.  Bo Pelini said he has a list of guys who are out with small injuries.
  • Senior offensive lineman Mike Smith continued to work at left guard.  Smith spent the early part of spring practice as a center, but he has been at left guard for this week.
  • If Smith is to remain at guard, I'd expect a competition between Mike Caputo, aka the "little junkyard dog," and possibily Jeremiah Sirles.  There is still a lot of time for moving around.
  • I asked Keith Williams about Smith moving around.  Williams said he really respects what Smith is doing, and he realizes how difficult it is to know each position.
  • Both Alex Henery and Adi Kunalic put their legs on display today.  Henery nailed every field goal he attempted, and Kunalic nailed each of his short field goals, and hit one of two field goals from 40+ yards.  Despite Kunalic's miss, he is getting a bit more accurate than he was last fall.
  • The competition for reps at linebacker continued.  Will Compton, Sean Fisher, and Eric Martin at linebacker.  Martin has emerged as a candidate for playing time after a great freshman year on special teams.
  • After practice, Eric Martin has left the field talking with linebackers coach Mike Ekeler numerous times.  Martin has soaked in everything that Ekeler and the veteran leaders have said.
  • I got a chance to watch the quarterbacks during their passing drills.  Cody Green impressed me once again.  Green has been very accurate and throws a very hard ball.  Kody Spano throws a very accurate ball, but he lacks the arm strength that the other quarterbacks have.  Taylor Martinez definitely has a strong arm, but is often inaccurate.
  • Speaking of Martinez, the redshirt freshman has one of the oddest pre-snap cadances I have ever heard.  Most quarterbacks use a deeper tone when yelling out the signals, but Taylor takes it to a whole new level.  While yelling out the signals, Martinez sounds like a pitbull.  He yells out everything in this odd grunting sound.
  • I noticed today that the injured Huskers are still very involved in practice.  Ben Cotton and Ricky Henry participated in stretching at the beginning of practice, and JT Kerr spent the entire beginning portion of practice running laps around the field.
  • The Huskers return to the practice field Saturday morning, and plan to do a little scrimmaging.


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