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It's game week! Well, kind of. With a few days remaining til the Red-White game, the Huskers took the field for practice. Here are the notes from the beginning portion of practice. Check back later this evening for full notes and quotes.

  • The Huskers wore full pads today, and practiced inside the Hawks Championship Center, with a portion of practice outside.
  • A slew of players sat out today.  The list includes offensive linemen Mike Smith and Jermarcus Hardrick, fullback Ryan Hill, TE Mike McClure, and QB Kody Spano.
  • We can confirm that Hardrick underwent surgery on his left hand, and will miss the remainder of the spring.
  • Cody Green wore a green jersey today.  At the beginning of the spring, coach Bo Pelini said if a quarterback began to seperate, that QB would wear green.  However, a source has said that his new jersey was due to being "dinged up."
  • Also, the Air Force Academy football coaching staff was in attendance today, including head coach Troy Calhoun.
  • There is still no news on the division of teams for the Saturday spring game.  When asked when the teams will be set, NU running backs coach Tim Beck said, "whenever they tell me."
  • Rex Burkhead spoke once again after practice.  Burkhead will be a key part of this new offensive system.  The sophomore running back said,  "At first at the beginning of the spring, it was kind of rough and now it's run really smoothly, and I think people are geting more comfortable with the new style of offense."
  • I asked Burkhead about how the offense has progressed during these two and a half weeks of practice.  "I think we've improved, but we really haven't done anything yet.  We haven't played one game, so we really can't tell, but I think we're coming along really well in the running game and the passing game."
  • The humble Burkhead said of the upcoming spring game, "I really want to come out and do my best."
  • WR Brandon Kinnie he feels like he still has "a lot of work to do."  Kinnie has emerged as a candidate for a lot of playing time this season, but the junior is still not satisfied with himself.
  • Both Niles Paul and Brandon Kinnie have began to emerge as leaders on the offense.  Both receivers told me today that they have become vocal leaders.  Paul also said that there are many other leaders of the offense.
  • Paul also mentioned that RB Roy Helu Jr. has always been a leader, but is always a "leader by example" rather than by voice.  "Every play has a different way of getting ready.  My way is obviously talking, his way is by being quiet."
  • Defensive tackle Jared Crick also commented on the leadership of the offense.  A name that he mentioned was center Mike Caputo.  Crick said Caputo has done a great job with the calls for the offensive line, and has really become a leader for the bunch.
  • When Crick was asked who has emerged on the defensive line, Crick simply replied, "everybody."
  • I asked Crick if he has any personal goals for the game on Saturday.  The always humble Crick said, "As long as we're improving, that's all I care about."
  • I also asked Crick if he saw the ESPN "Sports Science" segment on Ndamukong Suh, where Suh tackled a poor tackling dummy with 3,200 lbs. of force.  Crick said he hasn't seen it, but was in disbelief of the number Suh posted.
  • You can see more from Jared Crick with Big Red Report's "You ask, they answer" feature with Crick.  You can find that on the front page of the website.
  • The Huskers will practice once again on Wednesday afternoon.  Head coach Bo Pelini will speak after practice then.  Big Red Report will bring you news on how the teams will be divided for the Red-White game on Saturday.

Post Practice Audio

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