Coe likes what he sees at NU

Getting a chance to host a player after he's seen schools like Iowa and Oklahoma can be either very good or very bad. For Nebraska, it's usually a good thing because of their facilities which was built in the last 5 years or so. Still, it's a risk. Nebraska got a chance to host Rodney Coe today after he was coming back from Iowa and before that Oklahoma.

Rodney Coe is a 6-foot-3 and 240-pound running back from Edwardsville (Ill.) and he's coming off of three unofficial visits. Today he was just wrapping up the third trip which was to Nebraska.

"I am just leaving," Coe said in our first conversation before he had cell problems. "It was really nice, but I didn't get to talk to the coaches a lot though. They had practice today.

"Still, even with not having a lot of time with the coaches and with them having practice, we got to see a lot of stuff. All of it was really, really nice."

Getting a chance to see a number of schools in order helps to compare and contrast what the schools have in common and what's different. Coe was actually just thinking about that before the interview.

"I liked all three and all three compared with one another. I liked Oklahoma how everything is in one place and Nebraska is the same way with everything being right there. Iowa was a little spread out than the other two, but it wasn't bad.

"Oooh, the Nebraska had really nice facilities. Right when you come in they have this really nice waterfall and the players' lounge where they hang out to the training to the locker room; I would say Nebraska was one of the nicer facilities out of the three. All were nice though."

These three visits are really the tip of the iceberg for Coe. Coe is holding onto a lot of offers and wants to get out and see most of the schools that have offered so he can trim his list to a top five and then just make official visits.

"I am going to make some other unofficial visits before my senior year because I want to have a top five at the start of the year and just take my five official visits after that and make my decision.

"The schools that I still plan on seeing are Kansas State, Arkansas, Alabama, Auburn and maybe Tennessee and Florida. I am going to try and start setting those up through the spring and summer."

What will help Nebraska's case is that they like him as a running back while many are just projecting him to be an athlete and fill him in. Coe's preference is to play running back at the next level.

"Nebraska likes me as a running back and that is the position that I want to play in college for sure. A lot of smaller guys have that speed and they don't have the power that I have.

"With me being a bigger back, with my size, I still have speed and I have power. I am not the typical big back that you see come in for short yardage. I can do more than just that."

Beyond Nebraska just liking him at the running back position Coe says that he can also see himself in the Nebraska backfield and running the Nebraska offense.

"I can see myself in the Nebraska offense, Iowa too, lining up seven or eight yards deep and just running downfield. I think that fits my downhill running style."

Coe wasn't alone on his trip to any of the three schools he just went to. For the Oklahoma trip he had two team mates with him and to Iowa and Nebraska there was just one.

"I went on the Oklahoma visit with Reggie Box and Vincent Valentine. For Iowa and Nebraska, it was just me and Reggie on those trips. Nebraska is interested in Reggie, but he doesn't have an offer yet. They'll offer him though."


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