Looking forward to Lincoln

This spring game is unlike past spring games at Nebraska. This year there is an emphasis on getting top recruits in the stands to witness a sell-out for the annual red-white spring game. What sets this prospect apart from some of the others is the ties to USC, coming from a school that had in the past put a lot of kids into Oklahoma and that Nebraska is a school that he is really interested in.

When you say Bishop Gorman you instantly think high school football powerhouse. Year in and year out they are right there. Head Coach Tony Sanchez had eight DI signees last year and has one of the top defensive linemen in the nation in Jalen Grimble.

"The good thing for me and for Jalen is that we had quite a few guys like him on the team last season," Coach Tony Sanchez said. "We had the #1 tight end in the nation going to USC, defensive end to Stanford and a kid go to Cal. We had eight DI kids.

"And that's real good because when you see yourself out there playing among your peers and there are those types of players all around you has a tendency to humble you and make you continue to work hard."

Defensive lineman is all encompassing and people seem to see Grimble at either DE or DT depending on who you talk to. Grimble will play DE for Bishop Gorman, but Coach Sanchez says he could see Grimble at DT.

"He's going to play defensive end for us, but there is a lot of talk about people moving him down to tackle and there is definitely some validity to that. He could easily be the type of kid that is 6-foot-3.5, 290-pounds and is a great athlete.

"The thing about that is that he doesn't have to put on a lot of weight to get there. He weighs around 256-pounds now. He looks like he weighs around 220. I would not be surprised one way or another if he played the five-technique or moved down to a three."

Grimble has a lot of qualities that could translate to difference maker as a DT in college, but according to Coach Sanchez there is one that makes the difference.

"To me, the reason you would really look to move him inside is because of his quickness. He could play on the edge and play defensive end, but when you take that type of kid that can play on the edge and he's inside you know you have a great athlete there as much as a big body."

Grimble is one of the more heralded recruits that will be in Lincoln this weekend to see the Nebraska spring game. Coach Sanchez was just talking to Grimble and anticipates that Grimble is going to be shocked by what he sees this weekend.

"He's still going to Nebraska this weekend. He flies up to Nebraska on Friday. I was just with him today and he was meeting with some other people at the school. He's excited to go and what he's going to see.

"I think that he's going to be shocked by what he sees there. I think that he's going to be shocked by the type of atmosphere that they have there at Nebraska and especially for a spring game."

A little known fact about Grimble and Bishop Gorman is that he might not be the only Bishop Gorman player in attendance. Coach Sanchez says that there are some obstacles though between one of the projected top OTs in the nation next year going to Lincoln this weekend.

"I am not sure about that yet. Ronnie Stanley who is an offensive lineman, and is just a junior, was talking about heading up there too. He has a volleyball game this weekend so I don't know if he can make it.

"He's going to be one of the top offensive tackles in the country next year. He already has offers from Arkansas and Utah. Nebraska hasn't extended him an offer yet, but they are definitely interested."

As a junior Grimble had 59 tackles and eight sacks and was voted first team All-Conference. As a sophomore he had 28 tackles and five sacks.


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