Looking for an NU offer

The big weekend that already was for DT prospects is getting a little bit bigger. The Huskers are looking to host a bevy of recruits in front of 70,000+ fans this weekend for the annual Red-White Spring Game in Lincoln. This visitor isn't coming to Nebraska with an offer, but he is hoping to pick one up. He's done all of the research and knows that he and Nebraska would make a very good fit.

Chicago (Ill.) Urban Prep Charter Academy defensive tackle, Mason Fuller, is on his way to the airport at this moment. The 6-foot-3 and 280-pound Fuller is heading to Nebraska this weekend for the spring game.

"I am heading to the airport," Fuller said. "I want to get up there and get close with the coaches and the players to really get to know them. I want to have a good time and also see their facilities and weight room."

Fuller hasn't been to anyone's spring game before and hadn't heard that Nebraska will almost fill Memorial Stadium to capacity this weekend for what is basically considered as a glorified practice.

"It just shows how much love the fans have and how they support their team, their state and their town. They have a lot of pride and I really like that about Nebraska."

Fuller is holding onto a DI offer, but not from Nebraska. If he had it his way he might not be coming to Nebraska with an offer in hand, but he would like to leave with one.

"I don't have a Nebraska offer yet, but I am looking for one. They are definitely in my top 5 schools. My only offer is U of I to this point (Illinois)."

Fuller has spent a lot of time studying and researching Nebraska, but he has had good reason. His favorite college football player of all-time comes from Nebraska and it's a dream to follow in his shoes.

"Ndamukong Suh is my favorite college football player of all-time. I have liked him since the moment he stepped on the field as a freshman. I love their defense. It's like what we do at my high school. I know it's a good fit with me and Nebraska. I also like their business program."


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