No second thoughts for Klachko

Four star offensive line prospect Ryan Klachko committed to the Huskers before he ever saw a football game played in Nebraska. But after a recent visit to the Husker spring game, Ryan said the atmosphere in Lincoln just reaffirmed things in his mind that he made the right decision. But that hasn't kept other schools from continuing to recruit the talented big man. Get all the details inside.

Packing 70,000 + in a stadium for a glorified practice may seem crazy for people in some parts of the country, but for the Husker faithful, it's just a regular spring game. But when recruits see that kind of support, it means you're in a pretty special place.

"I couldn't believe it really, there were people everywhere," said Klachko. "We got in Friday in the late afternoon and just kind of chilled around town. We saw everybody setting things up and stuff. I got up pretty early on Saturday, then when we got outside we were surrounded, the place was nuts.

"That was at like eight or nine in the morning and people already had the grills going, and tailgating under tents and stuff.

"I was like, is this for a spring game? It was sick, it was like we were at a real game."

Ryan said before the game, he and the other recruits got a chance to rub elbows and get to know each other a little better.

"They got us (visitors) in the stadium early before the game, and let us watch the team warm-up. We had the little lunch thing, and we got to hear from coach Osborne, and that was really cool. Then me and some of the other guys went on some tours, and then went back to the locker room.

"I also got to hang out with Tyler Moore, Ryne Reeves, and Dylan Admire a lot. We shot some pool in the players lounge, and just kind of messed around. They are all great guys, I like these guys a lot. Tyler is huge, and he has that full beard going, he looks like he is 25," laughed Klachko.

"We were talking about all of us taking our official visit together, we were thinking the Texas game would be the best game to pick."

Ryan said he was taken back by how many people recognized him at the spring game, but admitted it felt pretty good when a youngster asked for his autograph.

"I was surprised with how many people knew me by name, a lot of the fans. Especially when we did the Tunnel Walk before kickoff, that was awesome. Then this little kid came up to me and said ‘excuse me, can I have your autograph?'. I let him know that I wasn't a player on the team yet, that I'm just a commit, he said he knew that but still wanted it. How cool is that? I signed a bunch more after that."

Ryan also said seeing Suh up-close blew him away.

"That guy gave over two million dollars to the school, that says a lot about how much the program meant to him. They played his highlight tape before he made that announcement, clips of him knocking people around.

"The guy is just so huge, I've never seen anything like it. Me and him are about the same height, but he is so wide and thick, he is nothing but muscle. Just looking at him, I was like wow! I don't think I have ever seen anybody that well put together."

And just because a player commits early in the recruiting process, doesn't mean other programs call off the dogs. Ryan continues to get mail from several schools, but after this visit to Lincoln, he knows he made the right choice.

"I already knew that Nebraska was the right place for me to play my college ball, and this visit just confirmed that in my mind. I still get mail from other schools pretty much every day, Michigan State was the only school that pulled their offer."

"But I'm a Husker now, and that's just the way it is. I don't really respond to the letters and emails, and if I do, I just tell them sorry, but I'm committed to the University of Nebraska, and that isn't changing."

So in other words they're just wasting their time?


Look for more updates on Ryan Klachko through the summer from Big Red Report, along with other prospects for the '11 class.


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