Big 12 Spring Press Conference

Check out some notes and quotes from today's conference spring presser as Head Coach Bo Pelini responds to media questions about how his Spring went.

Press Conference Notes with Bo Pelini

Bo Pelini, Nebraska

  • On the close call in the Big 12 championship being a big motivator over Spring, Pelini said that it is what players want to use for motivation. It was close, and that was a big disappointment for many to get so close and not finish. He said that if you get that close, you get hungry to come back. As or himself, Pelini said he's driven anyway, and he said they ultimately didn't win, because they didn't earn it.
  • On saying Nebraska is back and they are here to stay last year, Pelini said he meant he finally felt that Nebraska is at the position that they can compete with anyone. He said he felt then that as the season went on, he liked the position where they were even though they hadn't won anything. He did say, however, you still have to earn it.
  • On Zac Lee's health, Pelini said that he'll be throwing soon enough. He said he's leaving it to the doctors to dictate that. As to what he thought Lee got out of Spring, he said he hoped he progressed mentally and learned from the mistakes he made last year. But he did say there is no substitute for doing it yourself.
  • On Alonzo Whaley's nine-tackle performance, Bo Pelini said that he has done some good things, but he has a ways to go.
  • On the North Division potentially evening up with the South, Pelini said that he said it changes year to year, week to week. He said the last few have gone to the South and until the North does something about it, they aren't back.
  • About satisfaction against teams, Pelini said the only time he gets any satisfaction is when they win.
  • On the challenge of a three quarterback race, Pelini said it's a good position to be in, because they feel three guys can contribute, and he hopes that the competition will bring out the best in everybody. He said however long the competition goes on , it does.
  • On the evolving offense, Pelini said there is interaction all the time, and they talk about putting in things on either side that the opposite side doesn't like to face. He said it's an on-going process.

Press Conference Audio with Bo Pelini

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