Dixon likes what he sees in Lincoln

After returning home from his unofficial visit to Lincoln for the Nebraska spring game, defensive back prospect Alex Dixon out of Clearwater (FL) say's the trip couldn't have went any better. We get his impressions of the visit and his new offer from the Huskers, in this latest update from Big Red Report.

For Alex Dixon, making the trip from Florida to Nebraska was more than just a visit to get a look at one of his college suitors, it was his first time ever leaving the borders of the Sunshine State.

"Me and my teammate Tyler Moore flew out there this weekend, it wasn't a bad flight at all," said Dixon.

"That was my first time leaving Florida, and I had a great time up there. Before we left, I didn't even know what to think, but I'm glad I made the visit, Nebraska is just a great place.

"I had been hearing a lot of good things about the program, so I wanted to see it for myself. Now I would consider them one of my top schools, one of the schools I'm real interested in.

"I'll be coming back for an official visit for sure. I want my mom to get up there and see everything."

He also got a good look at all the amenities the campus in Lincoln has to offer, and came away quite impressed.

"We went on a bunch of big tours around the campus before the game on Saturday, and I got to meet and sit down with all the coaches too. We ate before the game, and they fed us real good.

"I've been to all the schools in Florida except Miami, and Nebraska facilities are as good if not better in some areas. Nebraska has the best indoor facility that I've ever seen, no doubt. I really like everything I saw, and all the people I met. The fans stood out also, they really support the players. I could tell they really take care of their athletes up there, I liked that.

"I also spoke to the academic advisor about everything, I learned a lot about the school."

And as it got closer to game time, Alex and the other recruits got a better look at how the football program operates.

 "Then they escorted us to the field so we could watch the team go through their warm-ups before the spring game started. We also got a good look at the locker room, weight room, players lounge, all the things the football players use.

"We were around the team most of the time after that. We also got to see coach Pelini talk to the team before the game. They showed us everything really."

 Before the visit, Alex wasn't carrying an offer from the Huskers. But the coaches told him to keep an eye on his mailbox when he returned home.

"Yeah, the offer was waiting on me when I got home. It feels good to get that offer because those coaches really know their defense. It's good to know they believe in me as a player."

As of today, what does your offer list look like?

"Now I've got Kentucky, Florida State, North Carolina, South Florida and West Virginia. You know that I just got Nebraska this week and I got Clemson the other day too."

Alex had already met the head man in Lincoln, but this was his first time meeting the secondary coach for the Huskers, Marvin Sanders. According to Alex, he felt a good vibe from both.

"Coach Bo had come down to my school awhile back, he was there to see me and Tyler. So I kind of already met him and knew what to expect, we get along fine.

"But this was my first time getting to meet coach Sanders, I like him a lot, just a real cool guy. He told me to make sure I keep in touch with them, that they are really interested in me. I got his number, so I'll be calling him real soon, and week-to-week."

What's your plan now, will you take more visits over the summer then decide? Or do you see yourself committing later in the year?

"I don't really know about any camps or anything yet, I might hit one or two. I don't really have a set date that I've thought about committing on.

"I know I will be going out on that Nebraska official visit though."

Alex mentioned North Carolina, Kentucky and Clemson as the other schools he would like to officially visit before pulling the trigger. So look for more updates on Alex Dixon from Big Red Report as his recruitment progresses.


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