Huskers impress Grimble

It's always good to bring in quality talent for a spring game when you bring in 77,000 fans to pack the stadium. Nebraska had a good turn out and good weather for the spring game this past weekend while a lot of talented recruits watched from the stands. One of those players was Jalen Grimble from Las Vegas (Nev.) Bishop Gorman whose opinion changed greatly of Nebraska after the visit.

This past weekend, Jalen Grimble took a trip out to Nebraska to see what life was like in Lincoln and also to check out a spring game after Nebraska posted 10 wins and shut out Arizona in the Holiday Bowl.

"I got to Nebraska on Friday," Grimble said. "I flew there with my dad and one of my dad's best friends who was one of my youth football coaches when I was little.

"I went around and saw the facilities that day and got a chance to talk to Coach Bo Pelini, Carl Pelini and Coach John Papuchis. Just things like that."

The 6-foot-3.5 and 255-pound Grimble was able to compare the facilities that he saw on Friday to a long list of schools that he's already seen. He says that Nebraska's facilities were the best he's seen.

"The facilities are bar-none, by far the best facilities of any school that I have been to. I have been to USC, UCLA, Cal, Oregon, Utah, Arizona State, LSU and UNLV.

"The two things that stood out the most were Nebraska's weight room and the academic center. Both of those are by far the best that I have seen so far.

"Also, Nebraska has two on-campus doctors that are for the football team only. That is great just in case you get sick or something and not have to go to the school doctor."

The atmosphere for the spring game on Saturday was about as good as it gets with a sold out stadium and great weather. Grimble had heard about the fans, but he couldn't have prepared for what he saw.

"Saturday felt like a spring day in Vegas; the weather couldn't have been any better. Also, after heard about all the people that were going to be there, I didn't think it was going to be as cool as it was.

"After walking out of the tunnel and see all of the people along the sides it was amazing and once I walked out of the tunnel, onto the field my jaw just dropped.

"All of those people where there just to see a spring game. It was amazing, just crazy. You just can't imagine things like that."

Along the sides of the tunnel walk were fans that knew who Grimble was. Grimble said that he did sign autographs and take pictures during the day on Saturday.

"I enjoyed the tunnel walk a lot. The fans along the walk knew who I was and I am not even on the team. For them to recognize me was just incredible. It just shows how the fans are dedicated to their team. I signed autographs and took pictures."

Nebraska was able to bring back a future first round draft pick in Ndamukong Suh for the spring game. This was his second time he got to talk to Suh though after meeting him in Vegas a couple of weeks ago.

"He was at my school two weeks prior and he was there to talk to me and my team. Most of my questions were out. Just to see a player like that is incredible.

"Being able to talk to him who, in my perspective, should be the top draft pick coming up, and getting to know him is another thing beyond just seeing him."

Grimble came away with a strong impression of what Nebraska and more to the point Bo and Carl Pelini are doing in Lincoln. To him, they are chiseling out a work of art piece by piece.

"The Pelini brothers treat their defense as a sculpture and they take each part and they treat a position like part of the sculpture. They take it from what it is to what they want it to be.

"They put in the time and the dedication to perfect it. And to know that there are coaches out there willing to put in that time to their team and to think that I could play for a coach like that who not only cares for me on the football field, but off of it is kind of hard to come by."

Few players who have never been to Nebraska know what to expect when they get to Lincoln. Grimble admits that Nebraska carried about an average rating going in, but shot to the top after the visit he had.

"My first impression of Nebraska without seeing the school might have been a "4" or a "5" or just average. After seeing it I would give them an "8" or a "9". It's one of the best schools in the country.

"The trip was really great. If there could have been anything better about the trip it would have been the trip from Denver to Lincoln because the plane was so small and I was sitting next to my dad. That was the most uncomfortable position I have ever been in."

The original plan for Grimble was to wait until his birthday in August and then make his commitment public, but things change. Now Grimble is eyeing just one more trip and then making a decision next month.

"I am planning on making my decision some time next month. The original plan was to make my decision on August 10th which is my birthday and 11 days before my first game.

"USC is the last trip that I am taking this upcoming weekend before I am going to make a decision. If I don't have any other trips then there isn't any point holding out or waiting if I know where I am going."

While Grimble was in Lincoln he was able to see and meet the other five known commitments at that time, it's six now after the weekend, and says that he feels sorry for opposing defensive lineman when facing the line that Nebraska is constructing.

"Nebraska has four offensive lineman commitments and after seeing them this weekend for any defensive lineman they face I will feel bad for them. They are all really big.

"Those are the type of lineman that I have seen at a lot of the camps that I have been to. With that offensive line and their quarterback recruit, Jamal Turner, it's a great class. I have seen his film. He's an incredible athlete and great kid."

"They are really turning the program around at Nebraska. To be honest I think that they finish in the top five next year."

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