Huskers extend offer

The evaluation period is only days old this year and Nebraska has been hitting the recruiting trail hard already. The Huskers have been in California despite spring practices not opening for weeks for a lot of schools, but regardless of that got to see what they wanted to yesterday. The Huskers extended and offer to a very athletic linebacker for the 2011 class.

Nebraska might only be looking for one linebacker again this year; partly because of the peso defense I am sure, but also because they are fairly young there. Still, Nebraska wants an athletic presence at linebacker.

They might have found him earlier this week as the Nebraska staff was out in California at Mission Viejo (Calif.). The Husker staff offered 6-foot-1 and 217-pound Tre Madden.

"We start spring practices in three weeks," Madden said. "Recruiting is still going good. I got an offer from Nebraska recently and I have had one from Washington.

"I got the offer from Nebraska two days ago. I have had the offer from Washington for about three months. There are a lot of other schools that could be close to offering."

Madden is an athletic and physical specimen at linebacker. That is obvious because a lot of players are looked at to play other positions, but Madden heard an interesting one from Oregon.

"I have heard that Oregon wants me to see at quarterback. I really like playing defense though and hitting people. But, wherever they want me to play I will play."

Madden wants to at least play defense and prefers to play linebacker. As a linebacker at Mission Viejo he is able to run sideline to sideline and just make plays.

"I run around on the field, full-speed and take people out, non-stop. I am lining up inside and I work inside-out just running around and getting to the ball."

There are already two trips in the book for Madden for junior day visits. However, he knows that he will get to Lincoln before the school year starts and see some other out of state schools.

"I have taken trips to UCLA and to USC for their junior day visits. We are going to take a trip out to Nebraska and some other trips to schools outside the state. We will go to Nebraska in August."

Madden's father is a coach at Mission Viejo and when Nebraska came in to see Madden there was an instant connection. The recruiting coach from Nebraska and Madden's father played college football together.

"Coach Mike Ekeler is the coach that offered me and is recruiting me for Nebraska. My dad and him played football together at Kansas State. My dad played fullback and was a senior when Coach Ekeler was a freshman.

"I wasn't there at all when they were catching up and talking. They must have had a good conversation because they spoke for a while. I think that it was mostly about football, memories and stuff."

Madden did say that the connection to Nebraska between his father and the recruiting coach does help Nebraska's cause with him. "It really does help break the ice between me and Nebraska knowing that my dad knows Coach Ekeler at Nebraska."

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