Huskers seem high on Hobbi

It seems that we have been talking a lot about offensive linemen this year already. Nebraska has four committed on that side, and we are barely into the meat of Evaluation season where coaches can trip to schools all around the country. But Nebraska isn't done yet, and there's no doubt they would love to get the services of Cyrus Hobbi, another standout trench-man for the class of 2011.

You'd have to forgive Scottsdale, AZ (Saguaro HS) offensive lineman Cyrus Hobbi if he's having a little trouble keeping track of recruiting. His list of offers has gotten to the point of ridiculous.

But that's a good ridiculous.

Good, because check out his current list of those teams which have offered him for the class of 2011:

Arizona, Arizona State, UCLA, Cal, USC, Oregon, Oregon State, Washington, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas A&M, Alabama, Michigan and Notre Dame.

And Hobbi says he knows he could add another if he wants to make the trip. "Florida said that they would offer me, but I would have to go out there to visit them," he said.

That would be a nice trip to take, but let's face it, how many kids can actually afford to take all those visits when they are the ones having to pay for them? Cyrus said that's a big reason why he can't go and see for himself all the schools he's really interested in. "It's hard, because there's no way I can make all those trips. But I also want to get to know about these schools as much as I can," he said. "I'll just have to take the trips I can, which right now is probably CAL, because I can drive there and then I will probably check out Alabama this Summer."

Despite the fact that Nebraska has four commits on the offensive line for next year's class already, it's pretty obvious they want one more. Hobbi knows that from a visit at his school as recent as last week. "I know they want me. Coach (Ron) Brown was at my school just last week and I know one thing the coaches there talk about is being physical and playing a physical brand of football," Hobbi said.

"That's just fine with me."

At 6-3, 285 lbs., Hobbi obviously has the size for the interior. But with a reported bench of 405 lbs. and a squat over 500, he's got the strength to match. Some would call that kind of strength freakish, and maybe they are right. But there's a player who was just drafted Hobbi said earns that title, easily. "Oh my God, that guy is a freak. When I first started looking at Nebraska, I was thinking that it would have been cool to play with that guy," Cyrus said of Ndamukong Suh, the second overall pick in this year's NFL Draft. "I mean, if coaches can develop someone into something like that, that's amazing."

So amazing that on the more humorous side of things Hobbi did say that he's played defensive tackle for his high school team. "Hey, if I can go second overall in the draft, I'll play whatever," he said with a laugh.

Odds are obviously good, though, that he'll play the offensive line, and the reputation Nebraska has for what they want to do on that side from a physical standpoint, is what basically keeps the Huskers in the race. They like smash mouth football. Well, so does he.  "I love hitting. It's my favorite thing. Even in pass blocking you can pop guys in the mouth and that was one of the things Nebraska was preaching to me," he said.

Recruiting is obviously about relationships when it's all said and done. Tight Ends Coach Ron Brown is a big one in helping to develop that. But getting a little word-of-mouth support from right there at the school doesn't hurt Nebraska either. "My coach and trainer, Kyle Caldwell, went there on a visit. He said Nebraska was his next choice nest to Arizona State," Hobbi said of Caldwell to started over 30 games for the Sun Devils from 2004 through 2006. "He said that was all there was, was Nebraska football. They love it and worship the players up there."

With the offers still filtering in Hobbi said that he doesn't feel pressure to figure out a list. But he'd like to get a list down to a little more manageable size before the Summer is over or at least, before his senior season begins. "I kind of want to (narrow it down), just so I can quit playing with some schools and figure out a little smaller list," he said. "I think I'll have it narrowed list before the Summer's over. I hope so anyway."

As for Nebraska, when Hobbi admits to growing up a Pac 10 fan, he said that location doesn't matter, nor does the climate. "I'm more familiar with the Pac 10, but that doesn't mean I am going to stay here. It kind of depends on whatever place fits me best," he said. "I'll look at who they have coming back, what kind of offense they ran and just how they approach football.

"I know Nebraska is a place that I want to visit if I can. We'll just have to see how it goes."

Notes: Saguaro High School is the former home of Husker Running Backs Coach Tim Beck, who coached that team to a state title in the mid-90s. He did so with the help of a former Husker and cemented legend in Lincoln, safety Mike Brown.


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