Peat still interested in the Huskers

Following the Spring Game Nebraska got a commitment from defensive tackle Kevin Williams. He was obviously not the only defensive tackle the Huskers were looking at, and he obviously won't be the last. Todd Peat is another DT Nebraska is looking at, but he couldn't make the trip. How did not making that trip and the commitment of Williams impact his feelings toward NU? We asked.

Defensive Tackle Todd Peat was all set to visit Nebraska for their annual Red/White game.

It was a game which would feature a host of all-everything type players such as himself, Peat ranked as one of the top 12 DTs in the country, according to Scout. But he would have some company like Jalen Grimble, a top 10 defensive end out of Nevada as well as Kevin Williams, a solid DT out of Ohio who came to Lincoln sporting double-digit offers in writing.

Grimble and Williams made it in, but Peat didn't.

"It was more or less a financial decision. We just couldn't afford to make that trip and then go to the other places we wanted to go," Peat said.

Following that last practice of the Spring, Nebraska got a commitment from Williams, which means however many defensive tackles Nebraska was going to take, that number has obviously gone down by one.

But Peat said that while he's looking at depth charts to a degree, the commitment of Williams doesn't wipe Nebraska off his list of favorites which include Arizona, Arizona State, Duke, Kansas, Wake Forest, Oregon, Stanford and Washington, just to name a few.

"I'm still very interested in them. I know they got that kid from Ohio, but that doesn't hurt them as far as teams I am looking at," he said. "But I don't know how many guys at my position they are going to take."

Recruited by Tight Ends Coach Ron Brown, Peat said that even though he couldn't make the trip this April, he's hoping to make it into Lincoln over the Summer, as well as to a few other places he's eyeing down the road. "I'd like to trip there in the Summer, and I'd like to check out Wake Forest, Duke, Kansas and USC," Peat said.

Nebraska has gotten a lot of publicity in recent months with the explosion of defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh. That came to perhaps a conclusion for now with the now Husker legend going second overall in the NFL Draft to the Detroit Lions.

Peat's father (Todd) played in the NFL as well. So, watching the draft and thinking about the league is nothing new to him. But he likes to keep it in perspective. "It's a good goal to have, but in order to make it to the league, you have to work hard, but you also have to get a little lucky sometimes," he said. "I've seen how that goes, and you just have to realize that nothing is given to you. So, the NFL is something to think about, but I'm not thinking about that now. I am just thinking about where I want to go to college."

And Peat's decision is going to be a ways away as he'll wait until after his senior season to figure out where he's going to go. That means he'll have that chance to take his five allowed official visits. As for where he might go or favorites right now, Peat said that all of that is up in the air. But back to Nebraska, he said that he's definitely not ruling them out as being among his favorites in the end. "It's a great program, and they obviously have some success with defensive tackles. I'm definitely still considering them," he said. "But I don't have any favorites. It's still kind of early, so I am just taking everything in."


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