Standout DE surprised at offer from Nebraska

When you are approaching 20 offers you'd think that nothing could surprise you and none of the offers you get would make you take a second look. One of the most recent ones did exactly that for Chicago defensive end, James Adeyanju. When the offer came from the Huskers, he had to admit that he was definitely surprised. So, what's that mean for the Big Red?

With 16 offers before the one from Nebraska came in the mail within the last week, Curie Metropolitan High School (Chicago, ILL) defensive end James Adeyanju had almost his pick of where he wanted to go. Think about every team in the Big Ten, and James has most of them. You can throw a few Big 12 schools in there as well, the Huskers the most recent.

It's probably a bit surprising then, that when Nebraska came in as the 17th offer for 6-2, 225 lbs. defensive lineman, he was pretty surprised as well. "I know they have a lot of national championships and they have always been good. So I was kind of surprised when I got the offer," he said. "I remember the last couple of years I always watched Nebraska play Colorado on Thanksgiving.

"They have so much fan interest, because Nebraska doesn't have professional anything," Adeyanju continued. "So, Nebraska football is everything there, and then they have (Ndamukong) Suh. And then I watched them in their bowl game, and now to have an offer I was shocked and really, really happy. "

Nebraska obviously makes a solid statement to James with the written offer. But there's little doubt that as recruiting is a season which knows no beginning and no end, the Huskers have to play catch up the rest.

Of that group of offers, Adeyanju said he's unofficially visited Illinois, Indiana, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Purdue and Northwestern twice. He also visited Notre Dame, but of all those visits he's made, only the Fighting Irish have yet to offer.

The Huskers obviously think enough of Adeyanju that they aren't pulling the punches when it comes to who he has had the most contact with. "I have talked to coach (Marvin) Sanders and coach (Bo) Pelini," he said of Sanders who coaches the secondary and Pelini, who is going into his third year as the head coach of the Huskers.

Obviously, seeing is believing for Adeyanju, and his ideal scenario is that he'll visit every school which has offered him. That's probably not going to happen, as with the amount of offers he has, he could spend an entire Summer just trying to get to them all.

But even if he doesn't get to them all, the Huskers make the list as one of the schools James said he wants to see, either during the off-season or during his final season of prep ball as one of his five allowed official visits.

As for when he wants to have this narrowed down, James said that he's in no hurry. "A lot of people tell you that this is a life changing decision. What you decide about where you want to go is going to have a major impact on your future," said James whose older brother Victor, plays for the St. Louis Rams. "I plan on taking my time and making sure it's right, because you don't want to spend four years of a place you don't want to be."

The only visit Adeyanju is certain he'll take over the Summer is to Stanford to see the expansive campus of the Cardinal. Other than that, it's just working on his game for the future. But Nebraska's in it, of that he was absolutely certain. We'll keep following Adeyanju's recruiting to see if that remains the case down the road.

As a junior Adeyanju compiled some eye-popping stats, notching 42 tackles, 16.5 of which were sacks. James also had one forced fumble along with two fumble recoveries.



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