NU ready to offer?

Athleticism seems to be the top criteria this year for the linebacker in the Nebraska 2011 recruiting class. Nebraska continues to look nationally for the top players at the linebacker position and according to this linebacker the Nebraska staff will be paying him a visit soon and an offer could follow.

David Santos is a 6-foot-1 and 205-pound linebacker from Klein (Texas) Collins. Santos says that things are well and that he has been adding weight to his long frame like he had hoped.

"Things are going good," Santos said. "I wanted to work on my size. I really wanted to bring my weight up is all.

"I am strong already. My whole body is strong. I can squat over 400 pounds so that really isn't the problem. I have gained about 15 pounds though and trying to get to 215. I am 205 right now."

Santos knows that it could be more, but there is some give and take with adding speed, playing another sport and trying to add more weight.

"I run track and I know that is keeping my body weight down some. I wasn't really working out all that much to run track, but I am doing more speed training."

Santos had a solid junior year at Collins. Over 100 tackles and nearly three-fourths of those came as solo tackles to earn district and area honors.

"I had 107 total tackles, 75 were solos, three forced fumbles, three sacks and one fumble recovery. I was all-district and I was top 50 in the Eastern Area of Texas."

Santos can really move on the football field. What else Santos does well is just giving it his all on the football field. He has been told that is his best qualities as a player.

"I think that I have really good feet and that I accelerate well; I have been told that by most of the coaches that I talk to. I also think that I go out there and just give it my all. That is what defines me as a player."

There isn't one area that Santos says he does better than the others, but he did say that if it involves hitting people that he is very good at doing that.

"I love it when a team runs ISO on me. That play is just designed for me to stop. I love it when fullbacks run right at me and try and hit me head up.

"I also like blitzing off of the edge and coming down hard from sideline to sideline. I would say mostly that I like coming downhill and just hitting people."

There are at least two offers on the table, a third may be on the way, and a fourth could be around the corner. Apparently Nebraska is coming next week to see him.

"I have offers from Kansas, Utah and Tulane, but I am not sure on them yet. I don't think that Nebraska has offered yet.

"They are interested in me though. I have talked with the linebacker coach and he said that he was coming in the spring and we would talk."

Santos says that the first thing that he will consider with his college decision is his education. He also wants to go somewhere the team is enjoying some success, but distance will not factor into that.

"First is my education. I want to major in engineering. I am also looking at the overall atmosphere and if it's a good place to be.

"Next is the program and if they are going to bowl games, winning a lot of their games and just success on the field. Distance doesn't really matter to me. I was born out of state anyway."

Santos has stayed local when it comes to unofficial trips and spring games. However, he is planning on getting out and seeing some further away schools this summer as well.

"I was at the Texas A&M spring game. Then I went to see Texas and their spring game. I have really just stayed close to home for trips so far.

"I am thinking about going to Utah's camp, A&M's camp and maybe up to Oregon for a three day camp."



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