Nebraska enters the picture for Rock

With major offers from all over the country, defensive end prospect Chris Rock from Columbus (OH) considers himself wide open at this stage of his recruitment. With plans to visit some of his college suitors over the summer, could Lincoln be one of those destinations? We talk to Chris about that possibility, and several other topics, in this latest update from Big Red Report.

When an offer list reaches into the double digits, just remembering the colleges can be a daunting task. For Chris Rock (6-5/240), he just keeps a written account handy.

"I just started keeping a list, so I wouldn't forget any names. As of today, I've got Cincinnati, Notre Dame, Michigan, Michigan State, West Virginia, Boston College, Duke, Stanford, Akron, Pittsburgh, Northwestern, Purdue, Louisville, Wisconsin, Illinois, and I just got Virginia and Nebraska like last week."

Chris plays more than one position in high school, but is projected to line up on the defensive side at the D-1 level.

"Defensive end in my main position, that's really the only position I'm being recruited for. I play tight end on offense too, but I like defense way more. I just love getting after the quarterback, I had 15 sacks last year.

"Offense is okay, I usually just help the tackle block and get a ball thrown to me once in awhile every blue moon. I just like defense more because I feel I have a bigger impact on the game, I guess you could say."

If you don't mind, talk about your strong points as a DE on the field.

"I would definitely say I'm known for getting after it on every play. I just try to work hard on every play and never take a down off. I just give it my all, and good things seem to happen. As I said earlier, I love to put pressure on the quarterback.

"I would consider myself a smart player too. I just do whatever I can to help my team win."

Chris was born and raised in Ohio, and admits he pulled for the Ohio State growing up. But don't look for him to don the Buckeye uniform, even if they do decide to offer.

"Being from here, I always liked OSU when I was a kid. But to be honest with you, if Ohio State offered I wouldn't go there. I was supposed to be getting an offer from them but it never came. Then they picked up a few other DE commits, so I'm not expecting anything from them."

How long have you carried the offer from Nebraska, and when did the contact start from NU?

"I've never really had any contact with them, I was just getting mail here and there. But the offer came in the mail about a week ago. I tried to call and get a hold of the coaches but I wasn't able to reach them yet.

"But I found out they were offering through my coach, then I got the official letter at my house a few days later."

Are you familiar with the Nebraska program at all?

"Yeah, a little bit. I know back in the day they were one of the top football programs in the country. Nebraska was always competing for national championships and stuff.

"Obviously this year, with all the hype around Suh, you hear about them a lot. I don't know much about the school atmosphere or anything, but I've heard it's a great program.

"I also heard the head coach is from here in Ohio, Youngstown I think it is."

Chris was also well aware of the recent Nebraska commitments that hail from his home state.

"I know they just picked up that defensive tackle (Kevin Williams), and a running back (Braylon Heard) from last year. I know all about Braylon. I played against Braylon this past year.

"We played them in either our second or third game of the regular season. Then they beat-up on us in the state championship game."

Can you give Husker fans a scouting report?

"Braylon is a great player, he gave me a stiff arm that I'll never forget. He is real fast, like I mean real, real fast! He is so strong too, I mean after he gave me that stiff arm I just felt stupid. He will be a great player for Nebraska."

What about you? Do you plan to commit early in the process, or will you be waiting things out?

"I've only visited a few schools like Michigan and Notre Dame , and I'm going over to West Virginia this weekend. I want to visit as many schools as I can before I make a commitment.

"I've got prom in a couple weeks, after that I'm going to get out and make a lot of visits. Nebraska is definitely a school I would like to get out and visit this summer.

"As far as committing goes, before this week I was thinking about waiting and taking my officials in the fall. But now I've been seeing all these commitments, even a lot of Ohio kids have already committed. I kind of want to do the same now, and do it before my senior season. I'm not going to rush it, but I would like to do it sooner than later. After I take these visits over the summer I should have a pretty good idea where I want to go."

Finally, give me the three most important things you're looking for in a program.

"First would be academics, I want to graduate with a good degree and get a solid education. Second would be the football program itself, I want a school known for having a good football team with a good history to the program.

"Then I would say my relationship with the coaches is pretty high up there. You have to trust the coaches and feel like they have your best interest at heart."

When asked if there were any early favorites to land his commitment, Chris said "not yet, I'm still wide open". Look for more updates from Big Red Report on Chris Rock as his recruitment continues.

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