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Working down the recruiting trail, our latest look takes us to the west coast and a wide receiver who people might just be getting to know. At 6-4 he's a threat with his size. But with a vertical over 35 inches, his physical ability also makes him intriguing. Intriguing enough to Nebraska, as they are one of his growing list of offers.

Standing 6-4, Chaparral High School (Temecula, CA) wide receiver Antoine Arnold is a nice mismatch at the line of scrimmage. Add to that a 35-plus inch vertical,  and it's almost impossible to stop him one-on-one. Well, for good measure throw in his best 200 meter time which he ran last year, a reported 21.9.

Height, speed, leaping ability

It's not hard to figure why Arnold doesn't know exactly what his strength is. "I think I'm versatile, really. I wouldn't say any one thing is the best, because I think I can do a lot of things well," said Arnold, who notched 1,536 yards receiving while scoring 17 touchdowns. Arnold added another on the ground for his Pumas, helping them to an 11-3 record on the season.

It's also not hard to figure out that he's gotten his share of attention for his exploits.

"Right now I have offers from Fresno State, Washington, Nevada, Nebraska and Cal," he said. "And I have gotten interest from a lot of schools like UCLA, USC, Oregon and Oregon State."

Arnold said that as of right now he actually has a couple of favorites, but with his time frame on his decision he admits that could change. "Right now I really like Cal and Oregon. With Oregon, I was actually at one of their practices before their bowl game, and from the coaches, to the players to the colors, I just love that place," he said. "With Cal, I haven't gotten to know the players, but I like everything about them."

For the other schools like Nebraska, Arnold said that he doesn't know much about them, and has a hard time seeing himself there until he learns a bit more. But he does know he was surprised when the Big Red offered.

"That was a shock. I really didn't grow up watching them. I don't know much about them other than having talked to their receiving coach (Ted Gilmore) once or so," he said. "Honestly, though, I need to look at them more. I want to give everyone a chance who is coming after me. So, I'm going to look into them more along with some other teams. I want to take my visits, so I'll look into a lot of programs a lot more."

Arnold comes off taking his SAT test today, a test which anyone who has taken it will tell you leaves you mentally numb. "Yeah, I don't want to think about anything right now. My brain is done for today," Arnold said with a laugh.

The results on his SAT are particularly important for him as well as this entire Summer. While most kids could be doing other things, Arnold said that he'll be doing his best to make up for a freshman season where he didn't do as much as he should. "Yeah, my GPA isn't real good right now. I have to retake some classes I didn't do well in my freshman season," he said. "But I am confident. I know I can do it. I just have to put in the work to get it done."

While Arnold does have two clear favorites, because the recruiting process is still fairly young he's not ready to rule any team out right now. "I'm going to show some love to anyone who is recruiting me. I want to give everyone a fair shot," he said. "I know Oregon and Cal seem like two really good teams for me. But there may be other teams out there like that. I have some time , and I am going to take all my visits. We'll just have to see how it goes."


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