Huskers extend another verbal offer to So.

The verbal offer during someone's sophomore year has become so commonplace that it just doesn't garner the headlines it used to. But for Nebraska which doesn't have a big history of doing that, it still is significant when they extend one. One of those for the class of 2012 is defensive end Troy Hinds. And Nebraska's verbal makes for him, offer number three.

If you are a good player in the state of Utah, it goes without saying that you'd probably get offers from BYU, Utah and eventually, Utah State.

Troy Hinds is one of those players.

At 6-4 and around 225 lbs., this defensive end who is also being recruited to play tight end, had those two verbal offers from the in-state powers. 96 tackles and eight sacks as just a sophomore will get you that kind of attention.

The 3.8 GPA doesn't hurt either.

So, as flattering as a verbal offer is, especially when schools aren't allowed to offer you in writing, Hinds getting the two local ones was perhaps not the biggest shock.

Then there is Nebraska.

"I was way shocked by the offer from Nebraska. I wasn't expecting it at all," Hinds said. "I knew about (Ndamukong) Suh, and that he was from Nebraska. But I didn't know a lot beyond that."

What Hinds learned more about was from tight ends coach Ron Brown, who Hinds called up after he received notification from his head coach that the Huskers had offered. Brown, long an active member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, is known for his passion for football as much s his passion for his faith. Hinds said that came across loud and clear. "He just wanted me to know that they are one of the top athletic programs, but they have great academics too," Hinds said. "I think he is way cool. I like him a lot. He just seemed like a genuine person and that he cared a lot."

You can figure by Hinds' measurable that quickness and speed are two of the things he considers to be his biggest strengths on the field. But he added a little more to that. "My size helps along with my quickness, but I also think I have good vision of the field," he said.

Here's our obligatory reminder that the 16-year old standout isn't even into his junior year yet. So, when he's talking about recruiting, in all reality, he doesn't know that much.

That's why he says when he thinks about it, it's not a long process. "I will more I am sure down the road. But right now I just don't think about recruiting that much," he said. "I suppose once I get into my senior year I will be thinking about it more."

Because of that you can figure that there are no favorites among this trio of early offers. But most outside opinions would say that he's either BYU's or Utah's to lose. Some of that has to do with the fact that as of right now, Hinds, because he's Mormon, is thinking about taking his two-year mission after his prep days are done.

And it's very common to see the rosters of BYU especially, laden with athletes who did likewise, meaning the Cougars have one of the oldest rosters by average age each year than you are likely to see anywhere else.

But even that isn't concrete right now. "That's the plan right now," Hinds said when asked about taking his mission. "But there's a lot of time between now and then. So, I can't say for sure. But right now I am planning to take it."

Despite the obvious connection to Utah and BYU, where he camped last year, Hinds isn't willing to say anyone stands above the rest. Point of fact, he's taking everything in, but only to a certain extent. Two years is a long time yet to play prep ball, despite how fast the time seems to go.

He's letting it, and he's just taking recruiting as it comes.

"I honestly don't think about recruiting much right now. I don't think about sorting stuff out or looking real closely at the schools," he said. "I'm just enjoying the process. It's kind of fun. I'll worry about all that other stuff later on."


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