Football or basketball?

At 6-foot-9 and 265-pounds, Zach Sterup had a big decision before his college decision even camp up: Would it be football or basketball in college? He knew one thing, it wouldn't be both. Sterup was going to make up his mind to choose one sport and give it his all. Sterup wasn't going to make this decision until a bit later, but it seems he's come to a conclusion.

The evaluation period is in full swing and Zach Sterup from Hastings (Nebr.) St. Cecilia has seen a good number of coaches come by the school. The 6-foot-9 and 265-pound offensive tackle knew of four schools so far.

"It's been going pretty good," Sterup said. "I know that Stanford, Kansas State, Nebraska and Iowa have all been by the school. I haven't gotten a lot of calls, but Kansas State has called."

The plans are still on for Sterup to attend the Nebraska football camp later in June. It's then that Sterup will figure out whether or not he will get a Nebraska offer either way.

"I don't know what the date is of the camp that I am going to in Lincoln. I think that it's the second weekend, so that would be the second session I believe."

With or without a Nebraska offer the list of schools that have tendered an offer to Sterup is impressive. It also seems to be growing at about the clip of one a week since the evaluation period started.

"I have offers from Iowa, Ohio, Memphis, Kansas, Kansas State, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Stanford now. I got the Wisconsin offer three weeks ago on an unofficial visit there.

"The last two have been from Stanford and Minnesota. I got the offer from Stanford last Monday. I got the offer from Minnesota two weeks ago."

Before Sterup could really consider which school for a football offer he would have to be sure that he was going to play football in college and not basketball. He's come to that decision.

"I am going to play football. I liked playing football more this past season than I did basketball. Plus, I also think that I have the potential to play more football in college than in basketball."

Nebraska is now sitting on four offensive line commitments in the 2011 recruiting class. It's been said that Nebraska would take a fifth player there, but even if Sterup got that offer he's not sure it would be over.

"I would be pretty flattered to get that offer from Nebraska. Any scholarship to any school is nothing to take lightly. It's a huge honor to pick up an offer to any school.

"Even if I did get that offer I am not sure that I would instantly commit (to Nebraska). I want to make sure that it's a good fit. They are definitely a school that would be in consideration."

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